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Beauty and the Wild

Little night sketch for my girlfriend! :)
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The relationship between man and woman, beauty and the beast, one image tells a thousand memories.

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I love this piece. Has kind of an Ori and the Blind Forest vibe to it. The use of color, contrast and the composition are awesome.

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Koda - The last stand
MrSuicideSheep xD
Journey the game
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This! That was totally the first thing I thought of, with the ancients and the big machines!
Cool to see someone is on the same page as me haha.
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Definitely reminds me of Limbo!
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Lovely work, reminds me of Ariman from Prince of Persia! Thanks for sharing it ^^
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This is seriously effing amazing... Can't look away  (◉▃◉)
beautiful! i have a thing for characters comprised of light :)
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Absolutely in love with this artwork! Great job! :)
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if you weren't already informed, this image was borrowed and credited by MrSuicideSheep for the song The Last Stand by Koda. (that being said, it's how we all found you haha) 
It's received high praise and a lot of love. 
May be worth scrolling through the comments for extra fuzzies.…
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This drawing is simply amazing! Why isn't it a daily deviation yet?
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WAOW beautiful! is it inspired by some game? 
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You call that a SKETCH?
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Hello :0 I just want to let you know that I love this piece VERY much! I drew an image inspired from this (different concepts and whatnot, but similar "look".) and I wanted to ensure you knew that I am not trying to jack your artstyle. (Though, if I could siphon artistic talent, it might be a whole different story)
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holly sht thats awesome i dont even know what to say thats soo gud 
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Simple yet sweet.
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Quite haunting, dunno whats more the ghostly human figure or the massive bestial shadow.
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you don't know how much this reminds me of ancient times O_O
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