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Tir-Esisanji Morning Tea
Tir-Esisanji checked in on her assistant Tywilla that cool misty early morning.
The small vixen-creature was still sound asleep in her small room, there on her orange sleeping cushion under a thick red quilt, cozy and warm.
"No," thought the tall Priestess of that small chapel for injured and lost spirits, "best to let her sleep. Be at peace, little one" as she smiled and closed the wooden door.
She quietly made a hot cup of peppermint tea with flames from her claws and then went outside as the dark almost-blue of night was changing to the soft yellow sky so familiar to that strange Astral realm, ruby red and orange on the eastern horizon of the approaching dawn. Through the wooden gate with its softly glowing crystal and past the orange-needled evergreens (everoranges?) she floated a foot off of the ground and up a small hill, sitting on an orange-mossy rock on the very top, hints of green all around.
The clouds changed and shifted and cleared as the sun rose, now the hints of blue di
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Tywilla's Brother vs. Arachnid Biomechabeast by GriswaldTerrastone Tywilla's Brother vs. Arachnid Biomechabeast :icongriswaldterrastone:GriswaldTerrastone 3 0 Tywilla's Father's Story by GriswaldTerrastone
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Tara the Earth Sorceress by GriswaldTerrastone Tara the Earth Sorceress :icongriswaldterrastone:GriswaldTerrastone 12 11
Hallway of Worlds
Even with Tir-Esisanji guiding her, Tywilla did not wish to walk down that corridor.
It seemed harmless enough at a first glance. It was a white marble corridor that was arch-shaped, lined on either side with arched windows, each with a small crimson and gold step before it. Lining each window was stained glass of the neutral colors as well as the familiar rubies, golds, and oranges of that quiet corner of the Astral Plane, and the little fox-creature in spite of herself almost stopped looking down at the soft red, gold, and black rug extending down that long corridor.
Firmly if gently Tir-Esisanji, the half-Vixen and half-Dragonish Priestess of the small chapel where lost and injured spirits could find rest and healing, pushed her small companion's muzzle back down with one of her four paws.
The windows were tall, and only a foot or so above the floor. Even someone as small as Tywilla could easily see outside of them...if she was reckless enough to do so.
Tir-Esisanji had warned her t
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At last, after a delay of over two years, the picture of Tara the Greater Gnoll Earth Sorceress is just about ready for uploading!

Older sister of Mara the Fire Sorceress she is noticeably larger than Mara if not quite as tall as Aviana the Air Sorceress, and she tends to be a good deal more even-tempered and sweeter, in a way reflecting her element.

She enjoys using the Utter Chaos all of her race commands in order to create or transmute boulders into pretty gemstones or precious metals for hungry Earth-creatures.

(Trying to picture Mara in the world of "Aggretseku.")


Bruce Consolazio
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Personal Quote: "I can be quite friendly- or very unpleasant, if provoked."

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M5Transmissions Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2019  Student General Artist
Hey there. I appreciate all the perspective studies you have published here. They have been of great help for my sutudies.
GriswaldTerrastone Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2019
You're most welcome- glad it helped!
M5Transmissions Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2019  Student General Artist
It does!
Keep it up, pal!
GriswaldTerrastone Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2018
Well, the second test has been successful.

I like tinkering with old hardware to see how far it can go. Right now I'm using a 2001 Sony VAIO 256MB RAM Windows XP 800MHz laptop.

Since browsing in XP mode is no longer secure (note that privacy does NOT exist online) as far as viruses and malware are concerned I installed Puppy Linux 5.2.5 Lucid and used that to browse, along with the proxy browser Opera Mini 8, using QTWeb Browser for those sign-in pages.

Thus the Sony (and ASUS) is a "Dual Operating System." It can be either an XP computer OR a Puppy Linux computer; emulation is not being used.

Recently the open library wifi became "invisible" to it in both modes. Typical...

Thanks to the KNOWLEDGEABLE folks at the Puppy Linux Forums I found the driver I needed to use the trusty Panda Wireless USB stick. The range was greatly increased AND unlike before I can even get into WPA2 networks if given the passcode. The Sony did not have that ability before.

Today, thanks to a simple trick (well, not so simple getting there...) this ancient laptop has gotten into the "invisible" network. This post is being done securely on a 2001 laptop.

Add to that the extra games and apps Puppy Linux has access to, the trick for watching Youtube videos, AND- really nice!- thanks to help from Gingertips the fact that the game "Foxtail" runs on it and you have a perfectly effective 2001 laptop in the year 2018.

So older hardware need not be thrown out and piled on Third World landfills (poisoning the environment of poor people) after all. Now, what can someone with real skill rather than my lesser level do, one must wonder?

GriswaldTerrastone Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2018
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Thank you!

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I hope you had a happy birthday! :party:
Merlin certainly helped brighten it- thanks, and keep me updated!

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