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The Imperial Army



Dan Gibson - Refuges from the Storm
Dan Gibson - Silver Days
Bandari - Snow
Bandari - Green Leaves of Spring
Bandari - Love of My Life
Bandari - A Day Without Rain
Bandari - Hymn
Bandari - 闪亮的季节
Bandari - Adagio in A Minor
Bandari - Snowdreams
Bandari - Diamonds
Bandari - Gold Wings
Bandari - Neptune
Yanni - Until the Last Moment
Yanni - In the Morning Light
Yanni - A Love for Life
Yanni - To Take... To Hold
Yanni - One Man's Dream
Yanni - Before I Go
Yanni - In the Mirror
Yanni - Love Songs

(sorry, long playlist for a big, long project).

Media: Tablet, Paper, Pencil
Program(s) used: Opencanvas 3.03 for lineart, Adobe Photoshop CS2 for coloring.

Allright... it's DONE. It takes way too much time, so I don't remember exactly for how long I did this one. At least, what I remember is, I started it before I went to Canada (like almost two months ago).

Here are their names:
Left side: (top to bottom, left to right)
Zexes A. Gatt, Jochen Bruckner, Deesha P. Pelkent, Krzystof Grzegorz, Cyria, Kim Jeon-joong, Andruw Waarwijk, Gusto Krauthauser, Lin Yunna, Zehl Alternal, Ruth Mmeiki, Lucia.
Right side: (top to bottom, left to right)
Trydent (dragon), Elli Alternal, Tang Lilong, Sakura Konoe, Koray Levenheit, Nat, Ignir Ingram, Silva Xavier, Silverwind, Luna Leanor
Center: (priestess)
Kaoru Eun-young
Center: (Imperial Knights, top to bottom, left to right)
Percival Bergklaff, Eddy Livingstone, Gary T., Zhang Feilong, Alexandra Deutzia, Ricardo A.

it's so hard to make a lot of original characters and think about their names.. haha

As usual, comments and critiques are highly appreciated. (disabled for awhile, sorry). Please do :+fav: if you like it.

I forgot to add, the knights uniform are adopted from the queen's knights in suikoden 5 - that means, I don't direct copy them, only using the design as an inspiration. Thanks.

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Wow is so good
i love your art

is this like a story?