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Cloud tutorial

By Grishend
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Here is the tutorial that I promised... but don't expect that much, since I'm doing it in a laptop, and my RAM is not big enough to support a big tutorial (like colouring tutorial, which requires many many layers and a big document).

As you might have noticed, the blue becomes darker each picture. I added some more blue to enhance the shape of the cloud, that's why.

And the rest is up to you.

Please also give me comments for future tutorials (if I'm going to make more, this will be very useful).
And please also :+fav: if you find this one nice.
*Don't forget to thank my laptop for working really hard hehe*

Here's an example of my finished clouds: Imperial Army by Grishend

Thank you!
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Great tutorial! :D
Dyrin's avatar
this is great thank you
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What strength should the smudge be?
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Hi. Sorry for my late reply. I personally keep them low, so anything below 50% should be ok. Personal preference is around 35.
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35, alright, thanks ^^
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Hey! This tutorial is really awesome! It's simple and easy to understand ^^

and after a month looking at this, I tried to make it by myself...

thought maybe you want to see it ^^'

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Happy new year :) Thanks for the commenting and nice work!
ZethXD's avatar
Happy new year for you too! and thanks .D
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whats it for? (im seriously an anti-computer person!)
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A tutorial. Gives tips or how to paint clouds digitally.
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i used your tutorial here--->[link]

its great btw! tho i need a little practice lol :icongrin--plz:
Grishend's avatar
Glad to hear it's some help :D
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I found this tutorial to be extremely useful. :nod:

i've been using this for a piece i'm currently working on.

Thank you very much for producing this :>
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:D very helpful! thank you!
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Yay, thank you!
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I just tried this out. It worked out pretty well for what I was doing :)
Grishend's avatar
Ahh thanks! Glad to hear that :)
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Hmm, that's not how I usually do it. Might give it a try some time. :)
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Hehehe thanks! :D
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Wow...I'm going to nees this =D.....thanks!....
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YES! I've been looking for a good cloud tutorial, and now I've found one n_n <33 great job with this, I'll deffinately use it in the future c:
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Ah thank you! :D
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