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Hey Fiends,
There are some of you who are familiar with my artwork and some of you who are discovering it for the first time. I'm a cartoonist and illustrator who has been working in the industry for 12 years now. I've also done artwork for bands, made two short films and a number of other film projects, had a clothing line in Hot Topic and continue to explore any and all avenues of artistic expression.

I'm just now setting up a Deviant Art page so I can more easily connect with you and the art community on here. Give me some time to get this page set up with more artwork and then I'll be exploring other deviants on here, commenting, favouriting and answering questions.

I'm looking forward to it.

Be Grim!
Gris Grimly
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A friend recently gave me a book you illustrated and so I like it very much to find you here!
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Thank you. Glad you found me.
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love the work and your style . It's so eerie yet wonderful . Have you taken influence from Tim Burton's works at all , there's quite a likeness.
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Burton was an influence early on.
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really, that's amazing . I love his work , I can't remember how many times I have watched one of his films . Have you seen Dark Shadows ? It was a fantastic film . I'm also a big fan of his works with Johnny Depp.
What about you ?
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You are well welcomed to deviantART!
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Impossible to be grim :F
Looking forward to more artwork, being alerted to your presence by :iconabigaillarson: elicited glee I'm afraid ^^
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Your work was one of the main reasons that I picked up a pencil again. I absolutely admire your characters and imagination. Your Frankenstein work and the pieces that were in the Spectrum Art Awards really blew me away.
I have all my cross-able bones crossed for the Pinocchio movie to eventuate. Welcome to DA :) Take care and have a great day.
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Thank you. I'm happy to hear of my impact on your ambition.
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You're very welcome indeed. I look forward to more amazing art. Cheers.
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oh I'm so happy and surprised to find you here right now..
Always loved your work, you've been a big inspiration for me ever since I first saw your illustrated version of Edgar Allan Poes Tales of Mystery and Madness which I absolutely love!!
I'm studying illustration at the moment and would love to make a living illustrating books in the future, so I feel I can learn so much by looking at your work. It's great that it's now possible to follow your work here as well.
Welcome to deviantArt, I'm sure you'll soon figure out how amazing this community is.
All the best from a huge fan!:)
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Thank you. Yes, I think the community here is far different from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube...etc., which is why I have join. This is the right community for artists because everyone on here cares about art. I'm glad to be a part of it.
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