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Deviant Art has been around for twelve years now and I've known about it for some time. But it wasn't until a couple weeks ago that I finally dug my grave and became a member. If you are not familiar with deviant art, it is an online social network focused on art. As of 2010 it gained 14.5 million members and has expanded far beyond that number by now.

I'm not much of a tech guy. I am very much a geek when it comes to horror movies and vinyl records. But a nerd of evolutionary gadgets I am not. I resisted getting a cell phone for years and have only acquired an Iphone two and a half years ago. The last video game I played was Tetris. Even when the first Resident Evil came out in the mid 90s, I hung up my joystick and decided it was time to become an observer. My computers are never up to speed and that is fine. As long as my turntable's motor isn't burned out and I can still spin vinyl, I'm a happy fiend.

Social Networks are no different. I avoided myspace and only decided to join a few years before it wasted away to the ghost town it is today. Same with Facebook. Same with Twitter. So why should it be any different with Deviant Art. I didn't quite understand the need or desire to be on the network. I had friends that were artists and I could communicate with them through email or other social networks. Most of them were not even on deviant art.

Then I met Ron Martino, producer and director at Deviant Art Network, at the San Diego Comic Con 2011. He spent some time explaining to me the community of artists that live on this network and how many of them are active around the world at one time. It is very impressive. But still, I didn't join for almost another year.

What did it was my frustrations with other networks like twitter and facebook. I am an artist. I wake up as an artist, I live as an artist and I make money as an artist. Whether I am writing little fairy tales, illustrating monsters, painting nightmares or trapping moving pictures on digital cameras I live to create art. So I would become very frustrated when I posted artwork on my networks and did not get the response that I was looking for. I could jot down some nonsense (in 140 characters or less) on twitter about my twinky having diarrhea and retweets explode. But a post about a signing or an art piece gets the occasional chirp.

THAT'S TWITTER. I get it. I've learned to play the game. I find myself contriving the most facetious crap that sometimes, and usually, warms my face with embarrassment just to say such mindless babble because that's what people want. I've discovered Facebook isn't much different. I get a good response when I post an illustration or painting. But really, people on Facebook are looking for drama. They want to hear you bitch about your day or complain about this or that. Everybody is a fan of misery as long as it's someone else.

Deviant Art is nothing like that. Deviant Art is a community of artists (whether they are amateurs, hobbyists or professionals) who are on there to share and experience art. It's not about what you had for lunch. It's not sharing that instagram photo of the drunk passed out at Denny's at 2am. It's not about posting your passive aggressive attacks on "you know who".

Twitter and Facebook have their place. I'm not saying anything against people who use them, because I use them and I enjoy them for what they are. But there is no other community for the artist like Deviant Art. Join, visit my page and partake in the largest growing online art community worldwide.
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Holy CRAP! How did I not know you were on DA? I have like all of your books. I even have some of my own fan art on here. I love your style :)
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hello there, i read your journal and smiled internally, as your experience mirrors my own. I too am a little "old school" having avoided other social networks, i must also be one of the last human beings alive who does not own a smart phone (is it just me or do others find millions of glow faced people ignoring the world around them sinister?) but that being said i enjoy Deviantarts variety, you can be inspired,amused,shocked and sometimes enfuriated by a plethora of amazing creations, in all i think that you can find out a lot more about someones personality from their gallery then you ever could by reading gossip on Facebook and Twitter.
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Hey your stuff is fantastic! It's good to know some people who aren't obsessed with Facebook.

Just out of curiosity ... Do you find abstaining from social media helpful for your imagination?
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Mmm? It can be. But if you are doing something positive on social medias, it can be an inspiration as well.
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I am inspired... Thank you
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You're welcome.
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I agree with you too.. but have you heard of Behance? It's similar to deviantart, but for professional artists only. You can put up storyboards and the like, or full projects. Maybe that's where you should think about heading when deviantart crashes down? ;)
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WORD. You just described like everything I've been thnking. fb is crap - SO boring, only good for keeping up with long-distance friends and relatives, sort of.
Deviant art is just like fb only people post way more inetresting stuff.
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ooo! i'm so excited to see your art up here!

also - the same thing happened with me on joining DA; my sister pleaded with me to join for five years and when I finally did, and realized it's one of those places that reminds me of pleasantville... it's eerily a positive place... very few trolls. i didn't think places like this existed on the internet!
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Twitter and facebook suck. I installed adblock plus in my browser with the antisocial filter to block all twitter and facebook spy-buttons that appear on almost every site now.
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Glad you found the place and YES, Ron Martino is awesome!
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I completely agree with you. :)
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Ive been here since I was 7. Then got caught, and banned till I was 13.

This site is amazing next to other sites ive visited. I stay for the amazing contests, and prizes.This place is like an incentive to keep going. Like I need that to keep my creativity flowing, but it's fun and easy to manage.

Thats... All I have to say about it, other than I love it here! Could use an IM system, to talk out details for requests...
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I think you're starting to become an idol of mine. I like the fact that you are one of the few who don't seem to give a damn about what others think, yet you're still pretty smart about what you do. Which, in our society, is something that's pretty hard to come by.

Although, as great as DA is, it's still pretty shitty, too. I wish you could have seen the place in it's prime. Now-a-days the front page is littered with half-assed drawings, photo manipulations and Anime. I mean, good artist still exist on here, but they are a bit harder to come by.

I hope my rant hasn't discouraged you, though. It seems like you've been getting the good end of the deal, and I hope it stays that way, because I really enjoy your art. It's so creepy and horror-based. (I can't remember exactly, but haven't you worked with the band Creature Feature before? I feel as if I've heard your name somewhere in the mix.) Anyway, have fun while you're here. This really is a nice place, when it wants to be. A great place for people to learn, practice and share.
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I don't want to disappoint you. But I am very conscious of what other people think. That doesn't stop me from being real. I choose my words wisely, but I say it like it is. And yes, I have done some work with Creature Feature.
The-Toy-Box-Charades's avatar
Oh no, that's alright. Maybe I worded that wrong. I like the fact that you are honest, though. As for Creature Feature, they really are a great band. One of my favorite, acutally. They diverse more recognition, much like yourself.
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this was well worth the read! I completely agree. I love it here on deviantart, not only it's a massive database of artists, it's also a great place to find friends, and mentors.
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I agree about twitter and Facebook - Wouldn't want to be posting on FB anyway now, as apparently whatever pictures one uploads Facebook now has the rights to them <.< '' - I became somewhat disillusioned with Tumblr too, which looked to be the new things, loads leaving dA for it. I'm back here after a few months on Tumblr due to lack of communications.. Sites like twitter and Tumblr don't want people to talk easily, deviantArt allows you to do all that no bother..

Faving this journal for future sending to others, in case this is ever brought up again..
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Great to hear.
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