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Dromaeosaurus !

From the '' Walking with Dinosaurs''. It was a really good documentary (It doesn't matter to me how much fake İnformations in it-Like Cannibal Ceolophysis and Quetzalcoatlus have no parental care). However ıt was freaking EPİC !!!
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They look surprisingly similar to the Isla Sorna female raptors from Jurassic Park three.

Coincidence? I think not!
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There's no such thing as Coincidence my friend ! ;)

At least none of it after the invention (or over-using) of CGI :(

Well at least we can compare JP cgi to JW cgi
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Someone needs to make a remake of this PLEASE!!!! With feathers and all... hmm, maybe I'll make a comic adaptation of it.
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I already did ;)

But I have no scanners at all... And my tablets camera has a bad resolution :(
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Well I'll love to see it! I will probably make on in the weekend.
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Thanks ! I hope I will get a scanner within moths
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these were my favorite dinosaurs on WWD, for some reason i just found their black and white simple design really fitting
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İndeed I take the Screenshot from there and Mine Favourites Too !
Not Just because they're Fast or Agile but İntellligent too
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Oh I remember this :)
Sadly my dvd collection is scratched ^^;
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Well that's what İnternet Stands for ! :D
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Too bad the narrator only refer it as a dromaeosaur without a scientific name.
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İndeed; and also the show having a bit miss-information...But still fun show/Documentary to watch.
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They referred to it as Dromaeosaurus (Dromaeosaurus albertensis), the first of the dromaeosaurid family that was discovered. 
They did place it at the wrong time though: they lived earlier, before the end of the Cretaceous, but the mistake was based on fosilized teeth found from that time. Now we know those teeth belonged to Acheroraptor, not Dromaeosaurus.
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Really ? I learned that right now; its suprising ! :o

Well; Walking with Dinosaurs is pretty inaccurate now; it can be explainable that it was accurate for its time - 2000's
Althrought it has several errors even for its time; like obviously known Colossal sized Liopleurodon :)

Acheroraptor is still impressive thought; they still live as packs\groups & not very small like Microraptor
Dontknowwhattodraw94's avatar
Meh, they had quite some large errors that were even wrong back in the day like Utahraptor in Europe, a slow Postosuchus and Placerias, over-sized Ornithocheirus, Questzalcoatlus with teeth etc. 
It still remains the best documentary in my opinion. Just don't watch it to learn something :p

Yeah, they're the size of Velociraptor so that's nice. 
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You are quite right in All opinions & facts you wrote :nod:

I think there is several reasons to like Walking with Dinosaurs; but The most important one İS they Know how to NOT Over-Use CGI as many (almost all) prehistory documentaries do !

Quite true; The postosuchus seems it can barely walk ! :D
Placerias who can't capable of defense Or anything...
But its still enjoyable like you said.

İn fact; when ı watched Quetzalcoatlus episode first time as a kid; its one of the most saddest event ı see (Lol; watching it again still has effects).

Right ! They were dinosaur hounds :D
Dontknowwhattodraw94's avatar
Yes, not to mention that they filmed everything on location. That's something nowaday's documentaries can learn from. 

Yeah, those synapsids seemed to be nothing more than walking pieces of meat...

I had the same reactions xD
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İts location & biome using was simply amazed me !!! I mean they made the enviroment look so perfectly realistic; that ı couldn't believe those places are actually Real ! :o

Especially Komodo Dragon --- Dimetrodon abomination :no:

Poor old Teethy (even give a nickname to that quatzl) ! : D
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