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Commission - Yep, she was always the bad one

Commission time, with another regular customer in raposa2

You remember that cute redhead I drew before, right?  Turns out she's a serial troublemaker in local attractions.  The travelling fun park is sick of her inconsiderate prissy bullshit, so she gets bound and tape gagged while her feet get tickled in the stocks by a short guy in an elf costume.  Seems that being ridiculously good-looking doesn't make you immune to karma.  Oh and just for the record, I'm dead chuffed with how I drew the feet in the second panel.
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Very nice ! :clap: Need help, short guy ? :D

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Your depictions of feet get better and better. Clearly a labour of love. I might have drawn the tickler with a more malevolent grin or something but that's just me. I liked her in the other pic you did too.  Is this redhead cutie going to be featuring in any more of your creations?
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Cheers.  Pretty much everything was a request of the commissioner, including how her toes and soles would scrunch up like that.  And no, she won't be appearing in my art regularly unless she's requested by the same guy, who is a pastiche of someone that he likes.
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And now she receives her more-than-deserved gift. Best of all, making OUR happiness. ;)
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In my opinion one of his best drawings. This second panel was sensational !

Girl in stocks at the fair is one of my favorite scenarios.
The impotent look of a beautiful redhead with delicate feet, the anticipation of the worst, about to be tortured by a long-nailed creature, and inside an amusement park where people go to have fun, but for her it will be agonizing And distressing.

Thank you so much for this

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Cheers man.  I did enjoy making it, and glad you share the same feelings about that second panel like I have!
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In the future I would like to set up a real fair and hire girls for this.
Nicely done. Are you ever going to change from your typewriter font though?
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Until I get a new computer and graphics program, then I can find a new space-economical font to go with it.  I work with relatively old tech right now.
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Karma's a bitch to those who are ticklish. ;)
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She is a cute one, and she's got some sexy looking feet and toes dude:D
Good work:D
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