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I reserve the right to update these terms and conditions at any time without notice other than through the devwatch monitoring of this journal. By using any of the stock images available in my deviantART gallery, you are agreeing to abide by all the following terms of use.

Last updated: Mar.28, 2011 - Re-wording of the first paragraph.

Digital Art / Traditional Art use only :
Only use my stock as a material for an artwork that follows the guidelines for deviantART Photomanipulation or Mixed Media Digital Art categories, or as a reference for Digital Painting, Airbrushing or Pixel Art or Traditional Art (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture...).
This means that in accordance to deviantART Policy for Photomanipulation & Mixed Media, all digital images whose creation did not involve other techniques than texturing, filtering, color alteration, addition of text or scribbles are considered as an unfair use of my stock.
Do not use my stock photography 'as is' as an illustration for texts, poems or websites.
Do not redistribute my stock.
Do not use it to create cut-outs, premade backgrounds or other resource works.
As an act of courtesy, please never post an artwork using my stock in the 'Photography' gallery!

Credit & notify :
Please credit me by adding a link to my deviantART account (
FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?
Send me a link to your work.

About off-site / commercial use of Model stock :
You may use my stock in a work that will be displayed outside deviantART, provided all rules are respected (including giving full credit).
However, I require that you send me a link and agree to remove the work if the model requests it after having checked the site.
You may use my model stock for deviantART Prints without asking.
Please ask for my written permission before using my model stock for any commercial use other than deviantART Prints.
To be sure you get an answer quickly, send me an email (grinmir-stock [at] live [dot] fr) instead of using dA notes or comments.

About off-site / commercial use of non Model stock :
You may use my stock in a work that will be displayed outside deviantART, provided all rules are respected (including giving full credit). Don't forget to send a a link.
You may use my non model stock  for any commercial project without asking for permission.

Last but not least :
Do not use any of my stock photos for fetish, pornogaphic, racist, homophobic, politic or religious work.
Please do not use any of my model stock photos for horror, macabre or gore work.
If you have any remaining question, check the FAQ, and don't hesitate to note me!

About dA definitions & policies :
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Digital Art > Mixed Media gallery informations
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