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About stock usage...

Can I use your stock for a character reference sheet, banner, avatar or layout?
Provided this character reference sheet, banner, avatar or layout is based on your original work created using my stock and compliant to all my terms of use (including crediting me somewhere on the image or not so far from it), yes you can. If you intend to base it on one of my stock photos without modifying it or in a way that is not compliant to my terms of use, no you can't.

Can I use your stock for a tutorial?
Coming soon

Can I use your stock to demonstrate actions or brushes?
Coming soon

How can I buy your exclusive packs?
You can't. My exclusive stock packs come in two different flavours, none of them being commercial : the ones you can only got by winning one of the contests I support, and the ones that are also accessible to Dreamers-of-Avalon members. I'm lucky enough to have no need to earn money from my stock, and prefer considering exclusive packs as some kind of reward or community gift.

About journal skin usage...

Can I use a journal skin from your gallery and customise it to my needs?
You may use a journal skin from my gallery and customise whatever you want in the code, or even use my code as a template to build your own. You may also use your own images instead of mine.
If I based the skin on an image I created myself (such as Time Travel or Patches), you may modify it as you wish, provided you keep full credits for all resources that have been used, either by you or me, and respect the terms of use of their authors.
In the case of skins I based on non-stock works that belong to other artists (such as Riversong or Castle in the Sky), I ask you either to keep the images as they are, or use your own.

Why are some of your journal skins not installable?
I created most of my journal skin before the 'installable' journal skin feature existed, and never had the time to convert them into an installable version. They are still usable the good old way, by downloading a zip file containing all css codes.

About stock making...

Where do you find all your costumes and weapons?
Coming soon

What kind of photography gear do you use?
I personnaly use a Nikon D80 named Edmont and a D90 named Edmund, usually with the excellent Nikkor 18-105mm lens and sometimes with the Sigma 10-20mm for architecture or landscape photos. Other photographers whose work is available in my gallery (Loïc (klyoh) and Nicolas) respectively use a Nikon D90 with the same lenses and a Sony A850.
For indoor photography, we also additionnaly borrow a set of studio lights from the company I work for.

Do you do stock requests?
No. I have a challenging full-time job, a house to run, a partner and friends I want to spent time with as well as several time-consuming hobbies. Which means no time for stock requests. Sorry.


I sent you a note / comment. Why haven't you answered yet?
Due to major changes in my life, I have very few time for dA. As of feb.2012 I have something like 800 comments and 70 notes waiting for an answer, and apologize to all the people who wrote them. I always answer to notes and comments, it may just take a (very) long time... :(

Does the friesian stallion on your horse stock photos belong to you?
No he does not. Having my own horse is something I dream of, but for now it has not become reality!

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