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Updated. Check out the gallery. Not all of my new work is present, but it sure is the best.
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2 years since I fuckin' used this. Will update ASAP (like maybe tomorrow). Tons of shit to show ya.
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OMG!… <--- This has been featured as a DD on June 24th.. I'm astounded, flabbergasted, amazed, speechless. Thank you everyone for your favorites, comments, and overall support!


DIOS MIO!… <--- Esto ha sido mencionado como DD el 24 de Junio.. Estoy sorpendido, desconcertado, alocado, sin palabras. Gracias a todos por los favoritos, comentarios, y acolite!!
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Actualicé my website con nuevos trabajos. Visitenlo.


Updated my website with new work. Visit it.
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Volví de la playa de Same, a la que fui por Semana Santa. Estuvo rico el sol, el mar, el calor, el sudor, la comida, el aire, la vista. todo bien. Hasta me tosté un poco. También hice unos CD por los días que estuvo ahí (me faltan poner los de antes de vacaciones, pero dont worry, esos van a postearse mañana). Ahora si... todo está más tranquilo. A trabajar como loco. Saludos a todos!

Came back from the beach in Same, where I went for Holy Week vacations. Everything was great: the sun, the sea, the heat, the sweat, the food, the air, the view. Everything. I even got a little burned. I also made some CD's while I was there (I still have to post the ones I made before the vacations, but don't worry, these will be posted tomorrow ). Now.. back from the trip, everything is more calm. Ready to work like crazy. Greetings to all!
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que dicen todos... me acabo de igualar los CD de la semana. mirenles, y opinene, disfruten, pongales FAVS jajaj.. no mentira.

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Starting to illustrate like hell. Expect daily stuff from now on. Check out the CDS folder in my gallery. You'll see!!
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Solo un pequeño recorderis (tardío) para toditos!
Just a little (late) reminder to all!
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Finished my stint at Santillana Editorial last Friday. Met lots of great people and artists.. It was a wonderful experience to say the least, and very educative. Now I'm into a couple billion freelance gigs i have to get started on.. I'm fucked!


Terminé mi estadía en Editorial Santillana el pasado viernes! Conocí a mucha gente & artistas bacanes... Fue una experiencia maravillosa para decir verdad, y muy educativa. Ahora tengo que concentrarme en un par de billones de trabajillos freelance.. y tengo que comenzarlos recién. Estoy cagado!
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Holas de nuevo, visiten… y… Son mis diseños, ayudenme con sus votos para ver si es que se imprimen! / Hey again, please visit… and… They are my design, please help me with your votes to see if they get printed!
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Tt's been a "freaken" long time since i last ventured here. I'm going to reorganize my online presenence, and DA is probably first on the todo list. It's popular and I have to make it look good. back when i started posting here i was studying 1st, or 2nd year of animation... Now I'm almost one year since I graduated with a major in graphic design, and a minor in illustration. I've been working the last two years as a junior art director at Mccann Erickson Quito and as an Art Director for UIO2 art magazine. That's the recent past. Now I'm primarily focused on being the best illustrator/painter I can be. The best that my country has to offer. Freelancing and trying to open my first studio with a friend are the primary goals right now. Deviant-wise, well I'll be reorganzing my portfolio and uploading new stuff... Not much else to say really... I just hope you'll like what I have been up to lately. Thanks for reading.
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i'll upload some experiment design pieces i have been doing, ranging from positive save the world shit to my ex GF honorary posters. design options are unlimited. thank god for that :)
lol, you guessed it.... its a shame, but anyways, check out the reasons:

"You've been reported to administration by overtly rude behaviour on the CAorg
forums. In viewing your post history, I see that this is a trend of yours, and
will not continue to be tolerated. To be a member of this forum, you should be
someone who builds up the community, not continually contribute to an
unnecessary negative vibe. I am banning you from the forum indefinitely"

now the eatpoo boards will be my maurading place.

I won't be paid, but eitherway it will be a good experience. I'll be working from now on, 2 months, with some of the best illustrators I have seen in Ecuador. The place is called "SESOS", or in english, if literally translated, will read "BRAINS".... in 2 hours the madness begins... I hope they wont kick my ass too much though :p

I'm back and changed. Ready to kick some ass... design and illustration wise. You'll see. It's nice to be here again.