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Alex and Smoke

By grindzone
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Because :iconbiggestsonicfan: has always been a huge whore for my character, Smoke. B-)

He mentioned the idea of his char, Alex, and my Smoke being a couple.
Hahahaaaa, I thought it'd be a fun thing to draw.
Plus =biggestsonicfan's pretty rad and I only drew him a pic once and that was for a commission.
So yeah.
Hope you like it man!

Alex is =biggestsonicfan's
Smoke is mine B-)
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Super amazing!! :D Love How the smoke connects like a tail. I love the fox's face, too.
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Hot damn, Smoke is sexy, and Alex is too, but mostly Smoke.
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HAH thanks! Lol, Smoke is smokin'... olawd.
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Alex and smoke
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Smoke and Alex
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theyre smexy >3

cool pic
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LOL thanks dude!
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Thanks dude <:
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That's hot.

Smoking, even.
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Noooo, Smoke, you'll give her cancer! D:
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Yeah, Smoke, that cuntnugget, givin' people cancer like that. :C
I guess Alex just /really/ likes cancer?
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so smoke consists of smoke? i just cornfused myself, ouch.

the coloration really adds something
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Well, Smoke, herself, /is/ smoke. Like. Yeah. Lol. Weird shit.

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still not as weird as a boxing slam dunking t-rex.
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Hahahahahah really? I would think Smoke's a bit of an odder concept, but then again, a long armed t-rex thing is kinda odd haha.
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smoke probably wouldn't have many predators, she has thumbs.

with thumbs you always win, thats just the rule fictional biology that i just made up.
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Good job with this :>

I love the hands :D
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Thank you!
Hahaha really? XD I thought they were kinda iffy lol
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Yeah :>

Better than I can do :]
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