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VentZer0 Theme Package

If the installer does not work use this [link]

*edit* Installer should work now if not let me know!

This is my complete Theme Package "VentZer0" it represents my customization of Windows XP Pro. Its how i would like it too be by default. Its a simple sleak design for Visual Style, Shellstyle, Bootscreen, LogonUI, Winamp, Shutdown Dialog...with some eyecandy stuff, like Glass2k and YzShadow to give a nicer look.
So I hope you like it!

Let me know how you like it or maybe not and or report bugs [link]

Thx for downloading! =)

» 1. Package Content «

  • 1.01 Windows XP Pro Boot Screen

  • 1.02 Windows XP Pro Logon Screen

  • 1.03 Windows XP Visual Style

  • 1.04 Windows XP Sound Scheme

  • 1.05 Windows XP Cursor Scheme

  • 1.06 Windows XP Shutdown and Shell Dialogs

  • 1.07 Logonui & Boot Screen Randomizer

  • 1.08 YzShadow 1.9

  • 1.09 Glass2k 0.9.2

  • 1.10 Winamp Classic Skin

  • 1.11 Styler 1.41 including Styler Toolbar Skin

  • 1.12 Replacer

» 2. Installation «
# Before using the VentZer0 Theme you should have installed StyleXP or the patched uxtheme.dll
# How to use and patch it is explained here: [link]

  • 2.01 > 2.05 Install.exe
    Just use the Installer and it installs the Bootscreen, LogonUI, Theme, Cursors and Sounds to:

    %systemroot% is the location of the windows folder

    [cursor path]

    [sounds path]

    [bootscreen path]

    [logonUI path]

    [visual style/theme path]

  • 2.06 Windows XP Shutdown and Shell Dialogs
    This is changes the Log Off and Shutdown Dialog so fit with the rest of the Theme. Also all System Dialogs will be in the Dungeon Font instead the default MS Font. Anyways i dont recommend you to use this files when your Windows Version differs from mine!
    Which is: 2600.xpsp_sp3_qfe.090121-1326 (Service Pack 3) !

  • 2.07 Logonui & Boot Screen Randomizer
    LogonUIBootscreenRandomizer should be installed as said in the readme file in the ''! OR as explained on this website: BUT you dont need to create the two folders, use these two instead !

    %systemroot%/Resources/Boot/ for bootscreen folders

    %systemroot%/Resources/LogonUI/ for logonui folders

  • 2.08 YzShadow 1.9
    Unzip whereever you want to and run the exe! IF you want windows to start it everytime windows starts simple edit the "yzshadow.reg" file with any texteditor (Notepad) enter the path where the 'yzshadow.exe' is and thats it for example...
    "Y's Shadow"="enter-path-here"

    "Y's Shadow"="C:\Toolz\yzsdw109\yzshadow.exe"

    OR put a shortcut of the 'yzshadow.exe' in the windows startup folder!

  • 2.09 Glass2k 0.9.2
    Simply run the EXE configure as you like that's it!

  • 2.10 Winamp Classic Skin
    Put the VentZer0.wsz file into the '\winamp\skins\' folder or just double click it and open it with winamp then it should be installed.

  • 2.11 Styler 1.41
    Unzip where you want it run 'Styler.exe' and choose the VentZer0 toolbar goto info and select StylerTB mode and exit program.

  • 2.12 Replacer
    Simple unzip ... pretty much self explanatory programm

» 3. done with & thx to «

» 4. Legal Stuff «

  • You may take anything of my own content (Cursors, Theme, Bootscreen, LogonUI, Winamp Skin) and modify it for your needs, BUT if you release it you must credit me with a deviantart link [link] and give me a note that you done it. However the programs/sounds included are all property of their owners! (Glass2k, YzShadow, Logon & Bootscreen Randomizer, Replacer, Sounds[Counter Strike & Ghost Recon])

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slowdog294's avatar
Epic. :iconwindowsxpplz: Long live XP.
great work..
I love this pack :+fav:
grindKerensky's avatar
thank you thats very much appreciated :)
Chrr's avatar
this is beautiful!
handsome, you're so talented, you MUST get to know me ;-)
when you're able to do that with the buttons of your keyboard, then what can you do to my buttons...
grindKerensky's avatar
oh sweety i will play with your buttons like none before

CaHilART's avatar
The skin does not work
grindKerensky's avatar
ok well then tell me whats exactly not working
CaHilART's avatar
well tha theme visual not working
Says a message of error

I think that it is an error in the shell
grindKerensky's avatar
if its error 1334 try the manual install package
grindKerensky's avatar
what WinXP version do you have?
where is windows installed
ephemeross's avatar
Nice release (:
I'd probably change a couple of things, like using findexer and small taskbar, but other than that, it's a really nice minimal UI.
grindKerensky's avatar
btw does the skin work?
for some others the style does not work i wonder why - what WinXP version do you have?
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