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VentZer0.12 BETA2.0

by VentZer0 a.k.a. grindkerensky
for WINDOWS7 SP1 (64bit only for system files at the moment)

Help me make this right, submit bug reports!
This is work in progress, most stuff which
will be in the final release is not included,

- VZ0.12 BETA release theme
- VZ01 soundtheme
- shell32 [ 64bit version only ]
- explorerframe[ 64bit version only ]
- seven replacer tool
(change file extention from .ex_ to .exe)
- fonts

How to submit a bugreport:

1.) write a description of the bug IN ENGLISH
make a screenshot of the bug
upload the screenshot somewhere and send
picturelink + description as a note to

2.) wait

3.) ?????

4.) Profit!

I am not responsible if your PC crashes or explodes
due to your severe lack of computing skills
when installing themes!
Use at your own risk.
© 2012 - 2021 grindKerensky
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ultrav0ice's avatar
I love this theme! Please make one in Windows 10! :D (Big Grin) 

Is there any place to learn on editing the windows shell. I want to work on developing a flat black theme with a hint of aero/transparency, but really have not found any good sources.
grindKerensky's avatar
Well, Google is always helpful with that, thats how I learned it ;)
VistaStyleBuilder is the program of choice to make windows visualthemes. There are a bunch of forums which are dedicated to deskmodding. The VistaStyleBuilder forums are a good start too. It is also a lot of trial and error.
First time I install a theme where everything turns to a Win95-like layout except for the Wallpaper...Win7 x64 Ultimate..
Frenchfri3s's avatar
Does this version also include the file replacer as well? It's annoying working without explorer but possible.. LOL

maxharuno's avatar
just awesome <3
ultrav0ice's avatar
awesome theme. keep up the good work!! 
jeffoydajeffy's avatar
great theme sir thank you..
XanarchiX's avatar
Really great theme! Installed it a few days ago and haven't experienced any problems so far. Ouch, except one - font in the Control Panel didn't change so it looks like a crap. Is there any way to change the font in CP?
grindKerensky's avatar
thanks very much

CP should changed aswell, dont know what happend there then Oo
JamesxpGFX's avatar
oh dude another great theme :D
IshanBelgarath's avatar
Awesome theme, thx. Gracias!
grindKerensky's avatar
RooSalad's avatar
Just wanted to stop by again, and give my sincere thanks for this theme pack. It's wonderfully done. Easy on the eyes, professional looking, and has some layer of art+tradition in it.
grindKerensky's avatar
thank you very much :)

and good thing you managed to get this problem solved yourself ^^
RooSalad's avatar
OKAY! I've fixed the problem. When all else fails, consult the oracle. In our case, the oracle was CMD.
I ran the CMD Prompt, and executed the good ol' fashioned "sfc /scannow" command, which detected a small error in some of my system files. It auto-fixed it for me, and my buttons work fine, and the theme looks fantastic. Thanks a million!
RooSalad's avatar
Okay, I figured out how to change the icons- but now the back/forward buttons in Documents no longer work. I can see the new image, but they're not selectable.
RooSalad's avatar
I'm having trouble figuring out how to replace the Navigation Buttons- I have old custom nav buttons from a LONG time ago, that I installed with an older theme, I want to update them to yours- but I can't remember or figure out how to do it.
I've already googled, and found a nav button changer/replacer program, but It's not really helping me, as I'm not sure which bmp's go where.
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