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VentZer0.11 Theme RC 1.0


Finally released!

Release Candidate 1.0
I hope there aren't any bugs of glitches.


1.1 - made places list pane bigger to prevent squashed look of the shut down button, for german language versions

1.2 - fixed the start menu panel for all sizes and other minor fixes of the start menu

1.3 - removed the space used by the user panel

1.4 - the start menu's a bitch

Feedback welcomed!
Fav, Comment, send a note.

wallpaper by [link]


// Patch your windows7 to be able to use third party visualstyles.
// Copy contents of \themes\.. to windows\resources\themes\..
// Copy contents of \sounds\.. to windows\media\..
// Copy contents of \cursors\.. to windows\cursors\..
// Install the fonts located in \fonts\..
// - you may change the system font by searching "FontSubstitutes" in the registry and change the value of "MS Shell Dlg" and "MS Shell Dlg 2" to "VentZer0 Normal" (without quotes) - reboot.
// Replace the startorb by using the Startorb changer - RUN AS ADMIN!
// Replace the shell32.dll and explorerframe.dll (x86 or x64 depending on your OS) using the filereplacer or other methods to replace systemfiles -> google is your friend!

// Apply the Visual theme. -> Enjoy!
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Please can u make this theme in Windows 10? I LOVE IT <3
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32bit supporterd...?
HOW TO DOWNLOAD????????????????????????????????
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I love this but I'm not a fan of having to make the taskbar smaller to use the orb correctly. On high resolution monitors the icons are too small.
where is the download option 
Is there a way to make the main green color different? I love the theme but I find the color green unpleasant to look at.
+ 1
lovely theme, wish there would be a variant about the green.
Anyway, thanks for this nice visual style! :)
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vistastylebuilder + photoshop or gimp
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i really like  it...and the sound. :)

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on the top of the desktop on the screen is someth. like a toolebar, where can i get it ?
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I love the theme but is there a way to change the color of all the green bits? If you could point me in the right direction that would be amazing. I tried messing around with it myself but only managed to make a mess of things. Thanks for the theme and for any advice you are able to give.
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thx, get WindowsStylebuilder, or Vistastylebuilder thats the program you need to easily change all those things
Is there a way to fix the theme's Back and Forward buttons in explorer not showing when a "Open/Select File" window pops up?
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havent figured it out yet
Also, is there a way to color the windows without rounded corners showing up? when I turn the color higher it shows with a rounded corner and looks out of place.
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i dont know, dont use colors, its not intented to the used with this theme
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Loving the theme. Do you suppose there will be any future ability to theme for Windows 8?
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nope cause i dont use win8 and wont using it for a long time, win7 is still good
what rainmeter theme ? i like it :)
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its not rainmeter
what is it then?! (could you give me a link)
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