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July 6, 2013
A huge collection of brushes for GIMP, generously offered up for free! The Gimp BrushBox by ~GrindGod
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Suggested by Kida-neechan
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The Gimp BrushBox v2.1

Wow... making this Set has taken more time than i expected! It's the most complete and biggest work on Brushes i made until now.

Okay - more about this Set... As usual when i create Brushes i set the Focus on Digital Painttools (Simulating Real brushes/pencils) and Texturing with "premade" Effects and special brushes like Grass/Clouds/Foliage and so on. But for nearly every Brush, i had on my mind, that it is usable in a lot of different ways and that it is not to specific.
Every Brush in the Set is fine adjusted so that you could start painting without worrying about dynamics or Brush Settings too much.

So here is what you get:

- all brushes organized by usage
- 162 different Brush Tips
- 70 Dynamics
- 251 Presets

- The Brushes are made for the use with a pressure sensitiv device (Graphic Tablet). You can use them with a mouse - but with a tablet its more fun^^
- The Brushes are made with Gimp 2.8.4; All Presets/BrushTips and Dynamics are made by me. There is nothing modified or copied from other Sets in it!
- The content is free to use commercial and non-commercial (CC-0).

Installation Instructions:


(included in the Download)

Extension: The Gimp TextureBox

CC-0 (Public Domain)
© 2013 - 2021 GrindGod
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Gracias! perfectos para GIMP!¡

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Thank you for posting this as a beginner Gimp user this is extremely helpful

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Iffy news you may have heard about or noticed yourself: GIMP 2.10 seems to have changed how tool presets are read and written. In fact, for a while I couldn't get the defaults that came with GIMP to act right because they wouldn't remember stuff like brush hardness (it would always be at 100). But GIMP 2.10.20 seems to have fixed it and I was finally able to properly remake the defaults accurately. It took a while though as I had to bounce back and forth between the files themselves and GIMP to get the values right.

Which brings me to the next part since while it seems doable to convert tool presets for the new GIMP, it's annoyingly time consuming as it's almost like having to remake things from scratch since you'd have to go through every tool preset and see if it works right and/or if GIMP can even read it to show it in the list, then remake it if it doesn't. So I don't know if you'd be up to doing that and I wouldn't blame you if you weren't given the time commitment. I'm just giving the iffy news and letting you decide.

That all being said though, brushes and dynamics still work fine so this pack is incredibly useful as always anyway even without tool presets.

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Thank you very much!
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Noice! Thank you for sharing!Natsu and Happy (Thumbs Up) [V1] 
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♥♥ love ♥♥ it ◕‿◕
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Just a huge thank you for taking time out of your life to post all your brushes! THANK YOU! :)
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okay this is probably a dumb question, but I'm new to gimp. I was wondering if the presets work the same as presets for photoshop? and if not what are they? like what do they do? 
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It is not the same. Gimp uses a file, that stores the brush settings. This includes, what brushfile (.gbr) is used by the preset, as well as the paint dynamics that are applied. The dynamics are also stored in a separate file (.gdyn). In photoshop all these informations are baked into one brushfile (.abr), that could also contain many other brushes - all in one (sometimes) big file. While it is a little bit complicated with gimp it also offers more flexibility, but the photoshop format is - well - more user-friendly...
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oh okay, thanks anyway haha and thanks so much for replying!
Cassiefontenot98's avatar
okay this is probably a dumb question, but I'm new to gimp. I was wondering if the presets work the same as presets for photoshop? and if not what are they? like what do they do? 
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Can these be used in GIMP 2.6? Sorry but my headstrong tablet refuses to work with 2.8.
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Try it out.. i think it will work :)
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If I were betting, everything would work fine except for the presets and dynamics as they changed the way those work in 2.8 and up.
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Thank you This will give Gimp 2.9 a real boost
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how to convert these to abr (photoshop)?
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That is not easily done and you could only use the brushimages, without the settings, that define their behavior, because they are specific to gimp.
The link said not found :(
I came here looking for an alternative to Jazza's custom photoshop brushes and it looks like your pack is the closest im going to get. It's a brilliant, extensive pack filled with more tools than I'll need but there are so many that the pack is overly complicated... If you have the time a guide to these brushes would be nice. If you don't have the time, chill, just a short one telling me which brushes are most similar to Jazza's and how i could change some to be more like his brushes because after opening the tool presets section, I'm overwhelmed...

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Sry i am not familiar with Jazza's brushes. You have to find out for yourself what you need.., but i guess you'll find the most useful brushes under the BASIC, PENCILS and PAINT categories.
Can anyone help me? I've tried downloading brushes for my GIMP 2.8, but it never works. The "download" seems OK, and I follow the directions for unzipping and drag/dropping into the GIMP brush folder, then I bring up the program and do a "refresh", but the new brushes are nowhere to be found! Any advice???

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In the .gimp-2.8/brushes folder should be three subfolders: BB - Basic, BB - Natural and BB - Texture. Please check if these folders are present and if they contain actually brushes. Next open gimp and be sure you have docked the brush panel. In this panel open the filter menu. There is a small down arrow on the right side to open it. BB - Basic, BB - Natural and BB - Texture should appear here as filter-tags. If this is not the case you can check if the paths to your custom resources are set correctly. Go to the Menu - Edit - Settings. In the window on the left side is a category: Folders. In this section you can set paths to any sort of custom resources. Check the path for brushes and eventually add the folder where you have stored the files.
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