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Krita Watercolor Set v1.01

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Published: December 23, 2013
© 2013 - 2020 GrindGod
Making this Set of Brushes for Digital Painting with the touch of simulated watercolors was a challenge i set for myself. In my eyes watercolors are one of the most difficult disciplines to learn in traditional painting. Making tools that simulate this dynamics is as difficult. I am not very experienced in aquarelle painting, therefor it is hard to say how good this tools do their job. I have done research, compared it with other brushsets (e.g in mypaint and corel painter), scanned images of watercolor, looked at watercolor paintings  from traditional masters - so i can say i have done my homework and did the best i can, to provide you with a nice brushset to create stunning watercolor paintings! Feedback is always welcome.

The basic idea behind the presets is to simulate and control the diffusion of water by pressure with scatter and rotation settings combined with opacity and colorchange-rate. More pressure - more scatter less opacity - this is the basic formula. All brushes are set to a relative low size ~30-100 pixels, but from my testing i can say that all work and look good in a range of 50%-200% of the base. 

The Toolicons i used for this set are taken from David Revoy's Mypaint V6 Brushpack :icondeevad:
I like the icons of his brushset and i think that they fit very well into Krita.

Never heard about Krita? Learn more...

I have made this set primary for Krita 2.8+ There is an important difference in the brush dynamics (scatter setting) between version 2.8 and 2.7. Therefor i made an extra set of adjusted presets for version 2.7 that is included in the zip file. It works and it looks okay... but it is better to use this Set with the version i made it for.

No Attribution required, but if you want to credit me you can link to this set, my profile or my blog
I surely like backlinks =P (Razz) 

I wish you a Merry X-mas and have fun with the new painting tools :)


The Krita Watercolor Set is also integrated in the Modular Brushset V4


v1.01 [04.11.14] - removed old 2.7 presets

Examples of Usage:  Love 
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Thank you for this awesome set

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StephGuernonNew Deviant

Is it normal that I am not able to import brushes that are in a .gbr format ? When I go to settings > menage resources > import brushes and select the brushes in the brushes folder, nothing happens...

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Bartson8New Deviant


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SongYongBinHobbyist Photographer

muchas gracias por los pinceles, eres muy amable:hug:

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Thanks for the brush set. I added it to Krita's program.

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EEEnt-OFFICIALProfessional Digital Artist
Hello! I downloaded this collection of watercolour brushes; most of them work. The only one that doesn't work is WC Scattered Sharp.
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hirota1Student Artist
sorry to bother you, but I don't see any download links. unless I'm blind haha! I am new to this kind of thing_
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lordfiredwarfHobbyist Digital Artist
Its in the top right
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Where I can download the bundle ?  The link is not working. I always get the message "File not Found"
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xrainxofxbloodxStudent Digital Artist
Where does the .directory file go?
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GrindGod Digital Artist
You can delete it. It's an unimportant settings file that has been auto-created from my system (file-browser).
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how to install them. i have krita 3+, but cant import any brush. it dont appear in manage resources window
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GrindGod Digital Artist
I have answered a similar question (by Korok-Spaghetti) 3 comments below.. hope it helps you as well :)
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Hazama-YuutouHobbyist Digital Artist
It's saying that there's a 404 error with the download. ;;
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GrindGod Digital Artist
Try it again later.
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PersonalGeniusProfessional Traditional Artist
Do you have a donate page?
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GrindGod Digital Artist
Nope, but if you want you could donate to the Krita Foundation
That way you help the community to build better open source software, what in return helps me and everyone else :)
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Korok-SpaghettiHobbyist General Artist
um how do I put this into krita? I'm on a mac, and the file saved as a folder containing the brushes etc, but no bundle as far as I see, so I can't find a way to import it D :
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GrindGod Digital Artist
You could copy the folders manually to kritas custom resources folder on your HD, but to make it simple... just download my Modular Brushset v5 and import only the vb2D_WATERCOLOR.bundle file. Same brushes just some brushicons have changed in this version.
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BernieBuddyHobbyist Digital Artist
Could you be more specific? Where is the "custom resources" folder? I'm not finding it.
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00ShadowGirl00Student Artist
You should click Settings on Krita and then Manage resources, That's how I do it.
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SycreonHobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I am new to Krita (long time Photoshop user), and I don't think I'm using these brushes right? Here is my attempt to test out these brushes:…, and the only one that has the watercolor look is "WC scattered sharp" (white arrow). Could you give me tips on how to use these properly?
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GrindGod Digital Artist
Maybe there is a problem with the pen pressure? Do the default brushes work well for you? You can test your pen pressure by making a value scale with the default brush "basic_circle". If you are able to create a smooth gradient from light to dark with this brush, your tablet is correctly calibrated to work with krita... The watercolor brushes are made to be used with very little pressure from the pen. Try them with the lightest touch, if this doesn't work i would try reinstalling the bundle file. To improve the watercolor look you could also add a canvas texture with a fill layer set to overlay on top of the layer stack (play with the opacity to achieve the effect you want).
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SycreonHobbyist Digital Artist
I tested out the pen pressure with the basic circle and black, and found something strange: I can achieve a good value gradient in the rectangular testing area on the right in the brush engine settings, but on the actual canvas, I have difficulty achieving the darkest values. Furthermore, one of my custom brushes work smoothly in the testing area, but lags when I use it outside. The brush is nothing fancy, just a pixel brush with the chalk brush brush tip from Photoshop, and I have smoothing disabled. It's definitely not a memory issue, because I can have photoshop and krita opened simultaneously, and only krita's brush would lag. Do you know why this may be the case?

Edit: reducing the color depth from 16-bit to 8-bit helps reduce both issues, but it's still not perfect.

As for the watercolor brushes, it seems the problem was just that I imported the "presets" but not the "brushes". I just assumed the presets come with the brush tip like in photoshop. Silly me :).
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