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Krita Modular Brushset V4

The modular Brushset is the Result of my journey through the possibilties of Kritas Brushengine. In the Beginning it was not my intention to make a complete Brushset for Krita, but with more and more Presets summing up on my Harddisc i had to sort out the best of them and optimize the settings. By that time it was kind of logical to bring all the stuff together and prepare it for a releasable Set of Brushes.

(03.Feb 2014)

More than the previous versions of this set, this is the collection of tools, I personally prefer and tweaked to my needs, and not what i considered to be needed in general. That is why it is not something one may call complete and it was never meant as an replacement for the tools that ship with Krita.

One thing i believe in is that higher specialized tools reduce creative processes. On the other hand the spectrum of possible tools in traditional Art creation, is as wide as the imagination can go - endless. Hence that, we must find a balance, giving the best tools to bring imagination to the canvas, without limiting creativity by a dictation of the Tools we use. V4 of my Brushset is the version, that comes closest to this, from my own viewpoint.



Created for and with Krita 2.8

A new version of the Brushset is available for Krita 2.9

Modular Brushset v5.0

Never heard about Krita?

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Happy Painting :)

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Bonjour, j'ai réussi à télécharger les brosses mais elles sont sous forme de fichier zip et je n'arrive donc pas à les importer et les installer… Si vous avez des conseils je suis preneuse !😂

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Thank you so much

Thank you so Much !!!

thank you so much

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Thank you


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you're a beast, bro... #1 Gnu contributor I bet

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Fantastic a big thankyou

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Bonjour, j'ai réussi a linstaller mais je ne sais pas comment faire pour pouvoir les utiliser sur krita, merci d'avance

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J'ai oublier de préciser qu'il faut l'importer il te suffit donc de faire ce que je t'ai dit et en haut a droite de la fenêtre qui c'est ouverte il te suffira d'aller sur la case " importer des brosses

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Salutation cher compatriote, il te suffit de te rendre dans les Paramètres de Krita et de sélectionner " Gérer les ressources" et tu pourra choisir ls packs que tu as télécharger pour les rendres actifs ou bien inactifs ! Bonne continuation

Thank you so much! I just started with digital art and having extra brushes (and especially foliage) is helping me alot!!

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This is amazing!! Thank you so much!!! :heart:

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This is great, thanks

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