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Brushcollection [Converted .gbr Version]



I haven't planned to release this resource on Deviant Art but now that so many people want to have it is maybe the best to pull it out of my stash into the public DA Scene^^
The Original Release/Collection is located on my Blog where you also find additional Informations and more Stuff...

This is the batch conversion of my Image Collection that i use to create brushpacks. The images are saved with a brush spacing of 1; folder and file names are the same as in the image collection – so you can work with both formats if you want, and easily find corresponding files. 

Note: This is a "raw" resource (not adjusted or proofed) meant to help people creating their own custom brushes or brushpacks and share their work if they want without thinking about license restrictrictions. 

You can use this resource for whatever you want without any restrictions (CC-0). 

Update: 12.12.13 - Added 140 new Brushes (Aqua)
Update: 16.11.14 - Released to Public Domain / CC-0

License: CC-0 (Public Domain)

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I like the mood you have here, it's awesome.