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Acryl Brushset

A small set of 7 acrylic paintbrushes for Krita


 I have used several resources from existing sets: Blender settings from  David Revoy's  Brush-Set, Icons from Wolthera and brushtips from this Pastel Set by Galatejaa.
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How do I download these brushes? They look like they can be good with drawing hair :hug:

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thank you pro:D

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thanks man....

Just starting out but thanks a lot for the brushes!

Gracias por los pinceles.

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Very nice ! Great job +++ . A must have. Thank you.

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muchas gracias por los pinceles, eres muy amable:hug:

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Hello, I have just downloaded this brushset, I imported it into krita and activated it through the manage resources tab, but they are not showing up on the brush presets. Other brushsets I downloaded before showed up immediately. I've quit Krita and relaunched it with no success. Is there any way you could help me? Thanks in advance

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these are so awesome!!! thank you for making them :)
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Is there a way to make them available for medibang? I have an android not windows so I can't use Krita.
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The one most I love your brush is : vb_ACRYL_Wet, I don't have wacom cintiq just mouse only, but this work like I'm using wacom pen, almost all brushes for krita i'v been try from any artist but no one like this, is combine some ink painting brush but with smudge brush at once, but it slow when I try over 50pixel, Next I hope you can make work over 50px, and I'v been see your brush shape using only three shape mode, I hope next you can make with other shape. I'm not expert for making brush, just ordinary user, thanks alot for this brushes
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were is download link?
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Unzip the downloaded file and copy & paste the .bundle file into the folder called 'bundles'. To find the correct resources folder open krita,  go to settings -> manage resources -> open resource folder. Alternatively you can directly import the bundle from there -> Import Bundles.
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Thank you a lotHeart ~~~~I just tried them, I like them so much!
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Great set, thanks for sharing!
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