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Walk With Pride

By Grincha
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:blackrose: The now Great Prince Bambi teaching his children what his father told him when he was their age...

Geno and Gurri are Bambi's children


Adobe Ilustrator and Photoshop CS2

Bambi. Geno and Gurri belong to Disney®


Here's a little more info about the book [link]
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though i'm not a fan of Bambi, i really adore his design in this one! it's like seeing the Great Prince as a young buck instead of an elder stag and i've been looking for that!

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This is absolutely amazing! It looks like a screenshot from the movie. I want to reach out, and make a snow ball in that beautifully soft looking snow.

The shadows just add so much more of an affect. It seems to me that you paid attention to each little detail on Bambi, because his markings are in the perfect place, and the horns are perfectly poised.

Even Bambi's tail looks a little to small, but that is the only flaw on him.

Walt Disney would have been proud to call this a piece of Disney, compared to the new style Disney has discovered.
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:blackrose: Thank you so much for those kind words :)
I'm so glad you liked it and took the time to give a critique
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No problem, it really is amazing
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That could happens in Bambi 3 if there will be Bambi 3
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Such an outstanding masterpiece.
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It's very Awesome and cute !!!
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Nice work ! It looks like if it was in the movie :)
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Surely he doesn't teach them that princes and princesses do not woo-Hop. XD
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Nice shading on the background.
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Three seconds after the pic was taken, Bambi trips and falls head over heels to the lake,
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I really like this, its so cute.
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They won't be prideful for long
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Thank you!
I love your avatar :D
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<font><font>Mam pytanie Gurri ma kropki a Geno nie?czemu</font></font>
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When I first saw this I was like :iconsqueeeeplz:
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Hhaahahahah love that gif XD
faline's a stalker XD
EDIT: sorry didn't read the description.. *thumpshead*.. but Faline could be a stalker haha.. I love the twins and bambi there hehe XD
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