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fractal mosaic

Apophysis 208b contrast in PS

right thats enough of this style fer now!
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:wow:  Looks like alien life forms growing in marcasite. :icongoodplz:
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Very good work. I would like to learn how to do this kind of piece.
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Thanks Gerson, you would need to use "spher" plugin for this type of flame fractal!
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Thank you. I start at Aposhack and get the "spher" plugin, but parameters not yet, maybe next time...
If you have some public one, let me know. Maybe some hints how to use this pulgins are welcome too.
I saw many wonderfull images did with this plugin as yours and Yellow Ribbon by =ccdigitalfx.
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yes just remember to keep your Plugins folder wherever you keep your apo .exe startup file! and remember to spell the word Plugins in this way! The parameters for spher are ones I shared with other people..if you want them note me!
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many thanks! :D
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its not enough!!!!

i think i have to create an own collection-folder for all of your work to keep track of them.
seriousely, they are brilliant!
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It's beautiful. I love the colors. It reminds me of a desert-locked, labyrinthine city!
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This is amazing - wish i could do stuff like this
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practice, patience and square eyes! :thumbsup::)
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:wow: Don't stop now!! :D
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well get back to it later! ;)
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Blimey, this is amazing :clap::clap::clap: !
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many thanks! :)
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Oh, i love this one!!
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thanks Penny! :D
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They're all great! :thumbsup: :)
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thanks a lot! :)
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:jawdrop: Incredible! :clap:
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I love these - just when I think I see repeating elements embedded in a frame, I realise that the frame's made out of the repeating elements :D
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