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My Bio
I do different styles of art with different subjects of art that practically change with wind. (Mostly Digital art, some photography here and there, poetry every now and then, and if i'm in the mood, some traditional art.)

Unfortunately i'm a huge procrastinator which can take various amounts of time to do something. If you ask me to do something, i'll usually try to do it without interruption or distraction; however, if i'm halted by something that is not within my power, it'll take sometime for me to start it or get back to it. So if that ever happens I apologize. I can't help it very much; it's my main weakness. However, if it seems like i'm taking a long time, you can ask me about it( with no hesitation may i add. It's not your fault afterall), and that'll probably strike me to be urged to get working on it again, so just do that and fear not.

Other than being an artist, i'm normally antisocial. Not purposefully, it's just I easily entertain myself for over extended periods of time. So, don't hesitate to introduce yourself or talk to me; I'll welcome conversation like the cool breeze against my skin during a hot summer's day. Outside the internet, I normally just hang out with a select few friends I know, since I'm very picky about my social group, which i'm guessing would be classified as "geeky&nerdy mature intellectuals".

In the case that you might be thinking "Ummm, I see a lot of pony-related images on his profile. Ugh great, another weirdo brony that might spam me with his pony BS.", You have no reason to worry. Even though I AM a hardcore brony, meaning that I'll openly admit i'm a brony in public if asked, I'm not one to talk about the subject when it is unwanted. Trust me, I'm a christian and my best friend is an atheist(and we get along pretty well); I know how to keep my attributes to myself ;).

If you ever say something to me containing an intellectual topic and feel that it's a bit too much, or that
you might be rambling/blabbering, please do continue with it without shortening the text. I do very much enjoy people going on about complex topics in detail, even if they would be considered a boring subject by average people. I've had one person on DA talk about what he wanted to do in the future, which consisted of him talking about certain parts of the physiology of human beings. After he typed me about a full wall of text he then said in it "But I'll stop talking about this now, I feel like i'm rambling...", which I was saddened by the part that he would no longer talk about the subject in heavy details, since the part of the wall which was most complex was my favorite. So if you ever feel like that, please by all means go on. I'm listening.

Favorite categories of making Art:
Moderate in Digital Art (ie. Photoshop CS6)
Novice in Photography
Nov-Mod in drawing
Novice in Poetry

My fandoms:
Anime (i think that would be somthing that goes in this list)
Doctor Who
Bionicle(the first few generations)

This next section I've done cause I was bored, and other people have it, so why not.
Favorite female game character: Samus Aran
Favorite male game character: Master Chief (yes i know, very mainstream. Halo1 for the pc WAS a very fun time in my childhood memory though)
Favorite non-gendered game character: HK-47 (KotOR series)
Favorite male actor: David Tennant
Favorite female actor: idk
Favorite female tv characters: Agent Scully, Princess Luna,...
Favorite male characters: The Doctor(10th), Agent Mulder,... (gosh dangit, why is it that I can only remember The X-Files and Doctor Who right now!)
Favorite art software: Photoshop CS6
Favorite web browser: ggl Chrome
Favorite 1st-per-shtr: bf3
Favorite school subjects: Math, art, science, german(deutsch), Photo&digi process.
Favorite gaming system: pc all the way.
Favorite old famous painting: Starry Night by Vincent Van gogh.
Favorite headphone brand: Audio Technica
Favorite emoticon: ( ^ w ^ ) &/or (~_[(+)]\ <-- dat's a snipeur!

Also, I AM single... and boy do i love it that way ( ^ U ^ )!

other aliases:
The lone student

my OCs:
Damfian xommoen faysiry (yoshuan universe)
Snowfall Night (ponian/pony universe)

OC aliases:
The lone student (pertains to both snowfall and damfian)

what kind of dragon am i?:
1-point for ice dragon.
1-point for ice dragon.
1-point for ice dragon.
1-point for ice dragon.
1-point for gold dragon.
1-point for water dragon.
1-point for water dragon
1-point for water dragon.
1-point for earth dragon.
1-point for silver dragon.
1-point for forest dragon.
1-point for daydream dragon. daydreamdragon371.deviantart.c…
-Ice Dragon wins with a point total of 4-

so, i guess i'm a ice-water dragon, with a color of white with some blue and green tints. Welp, dat's badass in my view!

<table border=0 bgcolor=black cellspacing=2 cellpadding=10><tr bgcolor=white><td align=center><a target=_top…>What Kind of Dragon Are You?</a>

Silver Dragon

This wise and mysterious inner dragon is very knowledgeable. Sometimes you may be a bit too passive.

<a target=_top…>Personality Test Results</td></tr><tr><td align=center><a target=_top…>Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by <a></a> quizzes and personality tests.</td></tr></table>

what type of dragon are you? -- Make and Take a Fun Quiz @'s User Tests!

My Category: water dragon
-= click to take @ =-

Favourite Visual Artist
A few of my favorite DA artists: ErinKarsath, Silverfox057, ponyKillerX, Hardii
Favourite Movies
Bionicle: The Mask of Light, and others I can't think of
Favourite TV Shows
mlp, X-files, Doctor Who, and many anime
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Artists-SoundOfTheAviators, H8_Seed, Silvahound, aswell as a few other Brony song artists. Band-Blackmore's Night
Favourite Writers
J. R. R. Tolkien
Favourite Games
Singleplayer RPGs, War Flight simulators, Dungeons and Dragons
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Canon Rebel T3i DSLR camera, PS Cs6, and simply my imagination
Other Interests
RPing, ponies, homestuck, Magic, etc
How about that lovely new Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game eh?
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Reasons why I've been busy lately/why I haven't been on DA: 1. I'm becoming a Dungeon Master, a person who leads a group of 3-6 players in playing a game called Dungeons &amp; Dragons(A pen and paper role-playing game that uses a d20 system). Since i'm becoming a DM, i've had to spend lots of time getting my 4 players situated and ready to play, as well as preparing myself to become a brand new dungeon master. 2. School. Homework and things, ya get the idea. 3. I've recently been picking up watching anime again, now that i've joined an anime club at my school as well as one in one of the local public libraries. 4. Other misc games. My frien
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Journal introduced by Nioniosbbbb Comment, and I will... 1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page 2. Tell you a color you remind me of. 3. Tell you the element I think you belong to (e.g. water,fire,air ect.) 4. Say something completely random. 5. Tell you what comic, movie, or video game character you remind me of. 6. Ask you a question, and you must answer. 7. Tell you something I like about you. 8. Give you a nickname. 9. Tell you the object that is to the left of me 10. Tell you what season you remind me of. 11. Tell you what food/flavor/smell you remind me of. 12. Tell you to do one in your journa
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Hai! El guten tagio mein amigo.
Very good! Though i've rarely been on DA lately. I should start making and uploading more stuff.
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