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The Sunlit Crypts - Chapter 4
“E-excuse me?”  Quinn said as she stared at the tall, greenish-skinned people.
“The research you did.  You wanted to share it?”  The male orc said, trotting up to her with a friendly smile.
Orcs were a rare sight anywhere in Dru. They lived on an isolated patch to the south. Most maps left Ismar in the “rolled up region,” as it was coined from the Wizard Woemful’s introductory video. They were tall, broad-shouldered people with green skin and tusks. This orc’s hair was black but Quinn was sure it could come in other colors. Their clothing was kind of like theirs. Colorful and flowy. Was Ismar hot too?
The orc shifted slightly in front of him and Quinn realized she had been staring. She went purple in the cheeks and straightened.
“Sorry, what?” She repeated.
“I asked about your research. I was at the FUNERAL panel minutes ago?” He motioned behind him--funny, no claws. Everyone said orcs had claws.
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The Sunlit Crypts - Chapter 3
--- Earlier
“Shandra, why the long face?  We’re finally off the boat!” Ankit pointed out with his usual, bright smile.
“This is serious, Ankit,” Nashandra said as she dusted off her saree.  “We aren’t here on vacation.”
Ankit sighed heavily.  Nashandra was always like this.  Twenty minutes older and she imagined she was eons older than he was.  She said he never looked before he charged, which wasn’t true!  He just looked for long enough by his book.  He stretched in the bright sunshine of the desert.  The Southern Ismar Region tended to leave the north alone, but when the call was sent out for healers from all over Dru Ismar heard it.  Ankit had never seen an elf before and was more than excited to go—to help and see them of course!  How different could their biology be from an orc, really?
“I know this isn’t a vacation.  It’s a dangerous disease
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The Sunlit Crypts - Chapter 2
Necropsy and embalming weren’t pretty processes, and after preparing the body for burial both Quinn and Sandy needed to clean themselves off.  A bit of perfume covered up the smell of harsh chemicals and viscera.  A quick comb helped smooth out Quinn’s hair while Sandy checked over his feathers.  Going out meant they had to look nice.  FUNERAL guidelines dictated that when out of the Crypts and among their people, Necromancers and Morticians should be dressed appropriately.  As such, Quinn and Sandy always liked to look good and presentable.
Once they were ready they headed up and out of the crypt.  As soon as the sunshine kissed her skin, Quinn had to stop and smile.  She loved being a necromancer, really, but she hated how she had to work down underground in the crypts.  She understood why, (bodies smelled) but she never liked it.  Magic had come so far so she had to wonder why no one had thought of a scent-control spell that s
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The Sunlit Crypts - Chapter 1
“You know, history is a very funny thing,” Quinn said, mostly to herself.  “People like to remember all the bad events, but never the solutions.  And it gets even worse if there were no solutions, you know what I mean?”
“Quinny, baby,” Sandy said, his voice still ragged and crackly, “I don’t have a feather of a clue what you mean.”
Sandy was one of Quinn’s oldest friends.  He had been an old Bairdy who had worked the graveyard when she first became a necromancer.  The two hit it off, to the dismay of everyone around them, and soon enough Sandy became Quinn’s assistant.  The old vulture said it had been an easy test, but Quinn knew he just never took anything seriously.  It was why the two of them got along so well.
“I mean,” Quinn took a breath and shook her hair away from her face, “the stuff going on right now.  It’s all happened before, but everyone’s ac
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The Sunlit Crypts - Intro
It was always so very hard to stay happy in the Crypts.  Quinn did her best though!  She decorated her space with yellow tapestries and bright green rugs.  She hung blue and white tassels from the ceiling and had paper over her lanterns to create cloud designs on the walls.  She always wore something bright—which all her contemporaries detested.  Bright blue, pale pink, a yellow sash, orange skirts, anything to make the Crypts brighter and happier than they were.  And happiness was important, it really was, no matter what the other necromancers tried to say.
Yes, the job was morbid.  Preserve those who were dead, take them to their final resting place, allow those who miss their deceased family members to have a conversation or two for the right price.  Crypts and mausoleums were places where the dark and the dank, and drow like her were supposed to stay down below.  But Quinn loved the way her onyx black skin looked in the sunlight. &
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Manic Grin by GrimReapette Manic Grin :icongrimreapette:GrimReapette 4 9
It was deceiving how peaceful he looked when he slept.  Eyes shut, hair in a silver halo around his head, or perhaps pooled around his shoulders, mouth in a gentle line making an expression that was somewhere between a smile and a frown, Zephyr looked positively sweet asleep.  If any of his men ever saw it they would lose so much respect for him—or so Zephyr liked to say.  Noreat didn’t think that soldiers were that finicky.  Everyone had to sleep didn’t they?  Why would seeing their General asleep change their opinion of him?  Now if he didn’t have to sleep that might terrify them, but he did, and that was perfectly normal, so it followed that it shouldn’t affect anything between Zephyr and his men.  But Zephyr thought it did.  Zephyr had a lot of thoughts that Noreat didn’t agree with.
Though, the nice thing about sleeping Zephyr was that he couldn’t disagree with Noreat.  All he could do was lay there, looking beautiful, half covered
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One Day
Sparing moments. That was what they had. Both knew that these moments, flashes, vignettes in their lives would last so little time. They were only permitted so much time.
So they made the most of it. The rare muscle spasm of smiles graced their lips. Glints of color and emotion flitted across their eyes. For once the two relished the sensation of touch. Usually touch equaled pain, but when Peter and Simone held hands it felt wonderful.
Like two worlds colliding softly and in their wake leaving a tiny, innocent pool of gentle ripples. Their skin tingled, in a good way, which was so rare between them.
Love. And emotion neither thought they would have the chance to feel. A commitment neither thought they would ever have the honor of making. Gifts of smiles of smiles and sighs, stray touches and even more stray kisses. The feeling of fingers combing through hair and smiles through on skin.
They both preferred the smell of each other to the smell of sterile needles and antiseptic. Th
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Shit Excuses
So what do you have to say for yourself this time?
“E-ego,” he whispered.
The reflection didn’t agree.  A face full of hard lines, angles, and winkles glared back.  His knuckles turned white as he held onto the sink.  How he so wanted to slam his hands into the mirror, to crush that reflection and all the questions.  They had no right to ask!
“I’m sorry,” He attempted.
Sorry doesn’t mean a damn thing.
No it didn’t but at least he was trying?  He was doing his best!  He left, he was helping Cotton, he was helping Simone!
A lifetime of wrongs can’t be reversed by a few good deeds.
“I know.”
You’ve done more than just destroy Simone and Cotton’s life.
“I know.”
Do you really think they’ll ever forgive you?  His reflection demanded.
Lester bit his lip, his vision starting to blur from salty tears.  No.  No he knew th
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“Look at this!”  Mercutio squealed as he darted away from Cian.
Cian threw his head back and suppressed the need to shout.  The two had been taking a leisurely walk through the cosmos up until now.  Cian had grown bored hopping from planet to planet and he managed to convince his lover to just stroll through space.  Of course it couldn’t last long.  Not much of any one activity (save a few) managed to entertain Mercutio indefinitely.
Turning around Cian found a new reason to sigh and shake his head.  Mercutio was floating about a large satellite.  The silver and white constructed was oddly shaped, almost like a cone with a series of antennas poking out of it at regular intervals.  Little white and red lights blinked on it, and a foreign writing that soon translated to Peregrination MARK IV was pained in red on one of the sides.  It was nothing exceptionally amazing, despite how Mercutio flew about it, toying w
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Mature content
Off Switch :icongrimreapette:GrimReapette 17 17
Mature content
How It's Going To Be :icongrimreapette:GrimReapette 12 29
Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  That’s what they liked to say.  For a long time Tien rather thought that the line was written by someone who had never had a lover or dear friend be absent from their lives.  Because, for her, while absence did make her crave her beloved more it also poisoned her days with anger.  Some days that anger morphed and turned into something more deadly; a quiet rage that could be seen but not felt.  The way her expression would strain, her fingers curl into careful fists at her sides, her eyes taking on a dangerous spark…all because of absence.
And yes, she missed Solah.  Tien missed her with all her heart and soul.  Parts of her felt so strained and frayed without her Bonded beside her.  This type of absence wasn’t fair, wasn’t right, and even though she was endlessly fond of Solah this wide raging river between them made her mad more than fond.
Anger like that was never cons
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Mature content
Play Games :icongrimreapette:GrimReapette 16 19
That's It?
Twin’s Night couldn’t last forever, and it seemed as though that the Eternals had just come to Entity when the festivities were ending.  Mercutio and Cian spent a great deal of their time with Kester and Damien.  They seemed like genuinely good people, even if Damien had a hard time accepting that fact.  As the festival was ending the two Eternals were beginning to fee as though they were over-staying their welcome.  Not that they thought that the people of this town would run them out, but the gentle air of the town was waning, and they knew that they would stick out more with the holiday drawing to a close.
“You never taught me your trick,” Damien frowned as he led the two out of town.
“It would be very difficult to teach you,” Mercutio said with a little smile.
“I can learn fast,” Damien argued, crimson eyes glaring up at him.
“I never said you couldn’t learn,” even though Mercutio got the f
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Better Than Here
“So…am I supposed to talk to you?”  Collin asked.
There was no reply.  Really, he wasn’t sure what he was expecting.  Since when did giant doors speak?  What any sort of door spoke?  None, that’s what.  But the doors were shut, large, ominous.  They were framed by large pillars with a language Collin didn’t know, and then he noticed on the rock wall next to it there were newer looking inscriptions that matched those used by the Tribes.  Maybe the Tribes thought these doors were something holy?  Were the inscriptions warnings?  A story?  The half-feral didn’t know, he couldn’t read them.
But he did know these doors led to another world.  Keero had told him about them.  It had been…a strange conversation.  His old friend explained the doors could open, and walking through them led to a place that wasn’t Entity.  At first Collin thought it was a l
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Hello all! Sorry for the long day in explaining myself. :icondrmistytang: basically pulled me into the project, and not long after I went on vacation to ISRAEL! So I never had a moment to sit down and chat.

I am back! And you all need to thank the fantastic sisters :icondrmistytang: and :icondrzime: for getting me here! They invited me into their project The Chronicles of Dru and it has reignited my writing and my love for storytelling. I actually have a lot written, but I am uploading it piece-meal in order to not overwhelm the sisters, since they have LOVINGLY AND FANTASTICALLY offered to illustrate the story. There wi be more in the future, I just want to keep it nice and slowly paced.

And I have been out of the coutry for the whole month! I've been in Israel learning about my religion and getting to see this beautiful place. So I haven't had too much time to write, and technically I shouldn't even be on my phone now because it is Shabbat, but I figured you all deserved the explanation.

Stay tuned for more, and feel free to message and talk! I'm always around. :)


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