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Agent Honeydew

Hey guys,

Here's some new works for ya. Since the drawing of Maddie was fun to draw thought of doing something similar but with a different character this time Agent Honeydew, you might not recognize her but she was in the cartoon Dial M for Monkey being part of Dexter's Laboratory.

When i was a kid i didn't put much attention to her but when you look back you see how hot she is, notice how that show had some sexy babes XD.

I'm still confuse some say Kath Soucie did the voice but they it's another actress, for me she sounds too Kath Soucie when she's using her British accent like Agent K.

I was going to draw her in a butt shot but thought doing something different, hopefully in another time we will see that bubble butt lol.
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Anonomitz's avatar
Honestly she's one of my favorites. I'd love to see more of her by your hand. =)
Marmartota2001's avatar
Nice work on Honeydew :3
And hey and please check out my Gallery too ^^
Linkartoon's avatar
es tan sexy, me fascina.
grimphantom's avatar
A mi me gusta tambien aunque la nueva version me gusta mas :P
Guadisaves02's avatar
nueva version? nunca escuché de eso, me podrias mostrar un link de eso o algo así por favor?
grimphantom's avatar
Si te refieres a lo que comentamos, es esto lo que hablaba.

Commission: Secret Agent Honeydew by grimphantom
Guadisaves02's avatar
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok perdón :P pero si las 2 versiones están geniales y con el vestido se ve más peligrosa :D

es mi infancia y ando reviviendo Marca M para Monkey :)
Linkartoon's avatar
pues a mi me gustan ambas XD, por cierto que programa usas para tus dibujos? si es que se puede saber :)
grimphantom's avatar
Todos los dibujos los hago con photoshop utilizando pen tool
Linkartoon's avatar
genial, bueno yo uso illustrator para los trazos. por cierto tengo una pregunta mas, disculpa la molestia, usas tablero digital para tus dibujos o los haces todos con el mouse?
grimphantom's avatar
Como eh comentado con el pen tool, todo con mouse.
gypsyhasreturned1's avatar
I wish I could be monkey.....Giggity.... :iconquagmireplz:
blacksmith224's avatar
Holy shit! Someone actually remembered this character!
DEMarq's avatar
IT's always good to see honey get some sweet love.. Thanks youvery much. ^^
betlysquirrely's avatar
awesome! loved the show as a kid XD
dtrkara's avatar
i would be monkeys uncle
SekouT-J's avatar
Great piece. Loved Dial M for Monkey back in the day.
JaviDLuffy's avatar
My favourite girl from the series :giggle: Awesome picture! She desrves more like this!
grimphantom's avatar
Glad you like it, man! There should be more of her, especially in the show.
UncleScooter's avatar
Forget the arsenal, dem hips are ready to kill! :D

BTW, it WAS Kath Soucie who voiced her.
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