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Fallout Equestria 4ever Factions: The RailRoad

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Published: September 7, 2016
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The last, and technically least, of the four factions fighting for the fate of Boston.

Consisting of those Brave, Mad or Stupid enough to rise up against the oppression of the unseen Changestitute and say "no more!"
(And by saying - we mean whisper it from the shadows.)

Though they poses little in the way of Horsepower or equipment.They fight for a future free of fear and oppression against a far superior foe. Through the mastery of spy tactics and guerilla warfare, They stick it to the Changestitute by robbing them of their most valuable assets - The Synts.

Every Synt liberated is a step further on the Trail to Freedom, for all of Boston. 

(note: Lots of shadows, for a shadowy organization.)
(I tried something new here with the light and shadows)

(Also: No clever pony-pun made out of their name this time. I'ts hard to 'ponify' something like 'the Railroad'
Maybe 'the Tailroad'. But that just sounded horrible.)
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Say what you will about the Railroad but you can't deny it's impressive that they manage to take down two technologically superior organizations if you side with them.  Very interesting work of art I'm guessing the one with the sunglasses is Deacon, the one with the cigarette is obviously Desdemona, the one next to her is Tinker Tom, the one with the mini-gun is Glory, the one with the nervous look in his eyes is Drummer Boy, and...I'm not entirely sure who that last one is...I noticed the pip-boy so I'm guessing a Sole Survivor who sides with them.  In any event very impressive work, love the artist's comment I think you summed them up perfectly.  
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GrimmyweirdyHobbyist Writer
You got them all right, alright.

Though: A bit of explanation might be needed for the Sole Survivor - Whom here is being played by Sweetie Belle (or Sweetie bot more accurately.) I've hidden her as a little 'Easter egg' in all of the Fallout Equestria Factions images. (to show that, as a player, she would probably be curious to try them all out, as I did.) Here, she is covering up a bit of revealing injury with a dusty old cape-n-hood.

The Irony is that as a cybernetic entity, she would be a synth in the world of Fallout Equestria 4-ever. And as such would probably side with The Railroad (or the Minutemares) against the technologically suppressing Brotherherd and Changestitute.  

For the Longest time. I thought that the main character of Fallout 4 was gonna turn out to be a Synth themselves. The most advanced synth ever created - Left in the cryo-pod in place of the real parent - as an experiment, to see if Organic synthetics would develop real attachment to the child they thought their own, and what actions they would take in pursuit of that child. (essentially using the whole of Boston as a testing ground for their synths - The experiment would also double as a combat test, as you prove yourself as their most efficient killing machine, tearing through the mutants and monsters in that vile wasteland.)

Oh ... and the robot in the upper corner was supposed to be Curie, Or Codsworth ... Though its a little hard to tell.