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Just something I decided to work on. Was watching the Harry Potter movie again (Guess which one? :P)
And I absolutely loved the end title sequence, so I decided to try and replicate it in Photoshop.

I think I did pretty well :P Took me about 3-5hrs.

Paper stock from :iconbleeding-dragon:

Harry Potter and all other references belongs to © J.K Rowling and the respective production houses.
I do not own this idea.
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© 2013 - 2021 GrimmOkami
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Love this piece of art! Can i use it for a mouthmask? if you want i'll credit you on the printed mask with a textline?

May I use your art as a backdrop to a photograph I'm editing?
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Sure! :D Credit would be greatly appreciated.
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It's really cool <3
Hope it doesn't bother you but I used it as a background for a Harry Potter themed drawing here . I put a disclaimer with the link to the image as well as one to your user but if there's a problem just tell me and I'll change the background :9
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Sure, no problem :D And thanks
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... Aw sweet... This looks amazing~
... Just like the ending credits would. :D

... Was being stalked on the dA recently, so sorry for the delay on commenting on this. ^^;
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Haha, thanks. That was the look I was going for, lol.

Haha, stalked? Do tell.
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Whoa, thats intense... :iconshockedplz:
SetsUrO-MenurIke's avatar
... Super... But for now, all is at peace. ;)
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Hehe, I just watched this one yesterday. It's my favorite of them all. :D
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Mine too! Well, I love them all, but this one is my favourite :D
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