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Mischief Managed

By GrimmOkami
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Just something I decided to work on. Was watching the Harry Potter movie again (Guess which one? :P)
And I absolutely loved the end title sequence, so I decided to try and replicate it in Photoshop.

I think I did pretty well :P Took me about 3-5hrs.

Paper stock from :iconbleeding-dragon:

Harry Potter and all other references belongs to © J.K Rowling and the respective production houses.
I do not own this idea.
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© 2013 - 2020 GrimmOkami
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Love this piece of art! Can i use it for a mouthmask? if you want i'll credit you on the printed mask with a textline?

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May I use your art as a backdrop to a photograph I'm editing?
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Sure! :D Credit would be greatly appreciated.
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It's really cool <3
Hope it doesn't bother you but I used it as a background for a Harry Potter themed drawing here . I put a disclaimer with the link to the image as well as one to your user but if there's a problem just tell me and I'll change the background :9
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Sure, no problem :D And thanks
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... Aw sweet... This looks amazing~
... Just like the ending credits would. :D

... Was being stalked on the dA recently, so sorry for the delay on commenting on this. ^^;
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Haha, thanks. That was the look I was going for, lol.

Haha, stalked? Do tell.
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... Well it was certainly achieved. :)

... Ah, it's a story that lasts for more than 5 years, but long story short, my friend was being stalked by this "mentally handicapped" girl, and I became the by product of her stalking when she saw my name on her page and babbled on to me to try and get my friend to unban her... Even Souzen Kax was brought in, and in the end this stalker girl had all of her account De-activated and was suspended from the dA for a certain period of time.
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Whoa, thats intense... :iconshockedplz:
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... Super... But for now, all is at peace. ;)
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Hehe, I just watched this one yesterday. It's my favorite of them all. :D
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Mine too! Well, I love them all, but this one is my favourite :D
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