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please let me know if you're ever disappointed with the outcome of a commission. I'm happy to go back and make changes then and there... not a year later.

once you've said that your happy with what you've gotten then I can only assume that to be the case.

:A: I can't read minds or expressions through a computer screen.

so if you're displeased please let me know then and there.

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Can confirm! Grimmla is a dear about making changes to better suit your commission! Just gotta take a deep breath and say what you want!! (Thanks again for making those changes for my commission!)

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Honest communication is key :<

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never seen it/never disapointed

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Yeah I actually "complained" to someone once 😅 not in public of course lol, just sent a private message. So they modified it and it was all good 👍🏻

But one year later? That's weird. I mean you can change your mind and say "oh I don't like it anymore" but you gotta repay for a new drawing then 🤔

I find it otherwise that it's like a dude who painted your kitchen, one year later you don't like the color anymore so you demande the man to repaint again for free 😂😂 makes no sense

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did someone actually complain a year after receiving the commission?

I once drew something for someone and they were like "omg this looks so cute thank you so much" but I saw that they deleted the image from their later on Dx just tell if you don't like the outcome, don't lie dear people!