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Zaikon by Grimmjow610 Zaikon :icongrimmjow610:Grimmjow610 4 16 Hyten: Colored by Grimmjow610 Hyten: Colored :icongrimmjow610:Grimmjow610 6 7 Molvar Art Trade:Robogozar by Grimmjow610 Molvar Art Trade:Robogozar :icongrimmjow610:Grimmjow610 9 17
Ichiro Bleach OC Info
Name: Ichiro Kurosaki
Race: Shinigami, Arrancar, Visored
Birthday: July 31st
Gender: Male
Age: 18, 20 (Chapter 424 and onwards)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 143 lbs
Blood Type: A
Professional Status
Current Affiliation: Gotei 13, Soul Society
Occupation: Lieutenant of 13th Division
Team: 13th Division
Current Partner: Many people but mostly with Ichigo Kurosaki
Previous Partner: Kaname Tosen, Shuhei Hisagi
Previous Affiliation: 5th Seat of 9th Division
Base of Operations: Kurosaki House, Karakura Town, Human World, Soul Society
Personal Status
Relatives: Isshin Kurosaki (father) Masaki Kurosaki (mother, deceased) Ichigo Kurosaki (brother) Karin Kurosaki (sister) Yuzu Kurosaki (younger sister)
Relationship Status: Rukia Kuchiki (gf)
Shikai: Zengetsuha
Bankai: Deitou Zengetsuha
Sealed Form: Katana
Type: Melee Type Zanpakuto
Zengetsuha is said to be Zangetsu's brother. Zengetsuha's appearance is somewhat different than Zangetsu. Zengetsuha looks like a middle aged man with long hair. D
:icongrimmjow610:Grimmjow610 3 18
Hyten Sprite by Grimmjow610 Hyten Sprite :icongrimmjow610:Grimmjow610 1 13
HikarYokai Chapter 1
Scene: Tokyo City High school
Mr. Takahashi could you please explain to me why u don't do any of ur work, ur not going to pass at this rate, says the teacher. Damn it I said I didn't want to do it and I dont care if i dont pass, says Ryota. *character bio* Ryota Takahashi 19 Years Old Reputation of Delinquent at High School 12th Grade Ryuzo Takahashi is his twin brother, has never liked a girl has a huge interest in dragons. *character bio* Well you will be serving 3 weeks detention now Ryota, says the teacher. What!!! that's 3x my regular says Ryota. That is what you get if you don't listen after so many warnings. *bell rings* Hey Ryota, says Shiro. *character bio* Shiro Kamiya 18 Years Old Reputation of Fastest Kid at school 12th grade Ryota's best friend and rival *character bio* Yea says Ryota. Hayato and I were wondering if we could come to ur house tomorrow, says Shiro. Yea sure, come around 2, says Ryota, Ok bye says Shiro. *Ryuzo pats Ryota on the back* Ugh what the hell do you
:icongrimmjow610:Grimmjow610 1 0
Merry Xmas 2010 by Grimmjow610 Merry Xmas 2010 :icongrimmjow610:Grimmjow610 0 7
Ichiro Info
Name: Ichiro Kurosaki
Race: Soul-Reaper, Visored
Abilities When Hollowified: Power Augmentation, Augmented Getsuga Tensho, Enhanced Spiritual Pressure, Enhanced Spiritual Power, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Endurance. When the mask breaks off he can call his mask out again but it has less benefits.
Birthday: July 29
Age: 18, 19 (Chapter 424 onwards)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 143 lbs
Blood Type: A
Occupation: Lieutenant of 13th Squad, Shinigami
Base of Operations: Kurosaki House, Karakura Town, Human World, Soul Society
Team: 13th Division
Marital Status: Rukia Kuchiki (gf)
Relatives: Isshin Kurosaki (father) Masaki Kurosaki (mother, deceased) Ichigo Kurosaki (brother) Karin Kurosaki (sister) Yuzu Kurosaki (younger sister)
Education: Shino Academy
Zanpakuto: Sangetsu
Shikai: Sangetsu (Scarring Moon)
Sealed Form: Katana
Type: Melee Type Zanpakuto
Release Command: Scar the Moon
Bankai: Antes Sangetsu (Heaven Chain Scarring Moon)
Abilities When In Bankai:His Katana
:icongrimmjow610:Grimmjow610 1 13
Ichiro Bleach OC by Grimmjow610 Ichiro Bleach OC :icongrimmjow610:Grimmjow610 2 3 Zaikon Half Improved Sprite by Grimmjow610 Zaikon Half Improved Sprite :icongrimmjow610:Grimmjow610 4 10 CFZProductions Request by Grimmjow610 CFZProductions Request :icongrimmjow610:Grimmjow610 3 4 The 18 Year Old, Zac by Grimmjow610 The 18 Year Old, Zac :icongrimmjow610:Grimmjow610 1 17
Zaikon History
Name: Zaikon
Vegetable Pun: Daikon (Chinese word for Raddish)
Race: Saiyan
Birthday: May 8th
Height: 6ft
Weight: 135 lbs
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Saiyan Training School, Legendary Super Saiyan School (trained with Broly at a point), Kais School (King Kai and Supreme Kai training), Z Fighters, Dragon Scar (founder)
Family:Ryota father, Leia mother, Dragon, Daza,  Katana, Brothers, Ayame wife, Zet, Hyten Sons, Serena daughter, Goku cousin, Bardock uncle
Transformations: Great Ape, FPSSJ, FSSJ, ASSJ, USSJ, SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ4, SSJ5, SSJ6, SSJ7 Inferno (Evil) Great Ape, FPSSJ, FSSJ, ASSJ, USSJ, SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ4, SSJ5, SSJ6, SSJ7
Techniques: Kamehameha, Kaio-Ken, Spirit Bomb, Instant Transmission, Dragon Fist, Severed Dragon, Shou Yun Ken
History: When Zaikon was born he was said to have one of the worst power levels of all time, despite his father's great strength. He was sent with his parents to conquer a planet named Arioton. He grew up under the training of his father.
:icongrimmjow610:Grimmjow610 0 42
Serena by Grimmjow610 Serena :icongrimmjow610:Grimmjow610 4 8 Hyten by Grimmjow610 Hyten :icongrimmjow610:Grimmjow610 4 14 Robogozar Request by Grimmjow610 Robogozar Request :icongrimmjow610:Grimmjow610 9 8
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fourth hokage battle scene by chaosblaster123 fourth hokage battle scene :iconchaosblaster123:chaosblaster123 3 0 minato coloured by chaosblaster123 minato coloured :iconchaosblaster123:chaosblaster123 4 0 Mewtwo Painting by ShynTheTruth Mewtwo Painting :iconshynthetruth:ShynTheTruth 11 8 Dragon Ball GT - Baby Vegeta by DBCProject Dragon Ball GT - Baby Vegeta :icondbcproject:DBCProject 320 23 Random : Just me :D by wLadyB91 Random : Just me :D :iconwladyb91:wLadyB91 33 34 DBOC: Ignorance by wLadyB91
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DBOC: Ignorance :iconwladyb91:wLadyB91 28 42
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U ppl rock!!!





(insert tag line here)
United States
I'm a guy who thinks anime is the best. I hope to draw many more OCs in the future, im real easy to talk to. If u want to art-trade with me let me know. :D

Current Residence: Honolulu, Hawaii
Favourite genre of music: Any
Favourite style of art: Manga and Anime
Operating System: Laptop
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Wallpaper of choice: Anime Wallpaper
Favourite cartoon character: Lots of Anime Characters
Personal Quote: Can I borrow a pencil, sure but it doesn't have and eraser, life doesn't have an eraser.
Well since I'm back I'd like to start doing art trades. I'll have start with 5 slots so get ur art trades while they last. Also plz dont rush me with your picture because then I will stop the AT. I will try to get it done ASAP but, I have work and family to think about so plz chill. :D

1. :iconnoreol:





To-Do List

1. Art Trade with :iconnoreol:

2. Art Trade with :iconrcdrawings:

3. Zaikon Char Sheet

4. Ayame

I also finished the entries for my manga Kyodai. I think it'll start coming out at the end of June so that I can draw the char pics and finish the first volume.

1. :icondmc50:  joining with Jackie Corleone. Class: Kigen
2. :iconrobogozar:  joining with Jet Yukimoto. Class: Shokkaku
3. :iconnoreol:  joining with Sakiya Neko. Class: Yokai
4. :iconxicor101:  joining with Shiro Tatsuya. Class: Zasshu
5. :iconsk-u-ll: and :iconyoyoforshow3: joining with Tobi Kisetsu. Class: Shodin
6. :iconrcdrawings:  joining with Ritsu Akimoto. Class: Anshatsu

Also have you guys heard the K-Pop band 2PM. There songs are so awesome. I was watching Ao no Exorcist and the ending was their song. You should check em out if you like J-Pop or Asian Music.

P.S. Well I've decided I just want 1 kid for Zaikon and that's gonna be Hyten. So Serena and Zet are no more, sorry :XD:
  • Listening to: Take Off/ 2PM
  • Watching: Music Video
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew

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minatogirl Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2011
Can you draw Yuki argue with Ken like..."Who is the greatest Naruto's bro and sis ever??"

Just make a lineart. No need to colour thought. If you have no mood. Make it sometimes...

Yuki's shippuden pics are here >> [link]

Yuki: I'm the greatest!! I'm a Tokubetsu Jonin, 'ttebane!!
Ken: Baka!! I'm the great-greatest than you!! I can surpass all the Jonin's!! Your weak, 'ttebayo!!
Yuki: Naruto-outoto!! It's me!!
Ken: Naruto!! It's me!!
Naruto: ^^; oooo....
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