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i'm an old man, jack
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If you're expecting anything other than passive-aggressive commentary or enthusiastic compliments, you're gonna be disappointed.

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My RedBubble:…

stolen from Fazboggle haha

doing my new BNHA oc cuz why the hell not, fight me
tbh this is more for my own notes so i don't forget about his info whoooooooooops

Someone called an ambulance! basic info
name: Seikei
nickname: Sei, Clay
gender: Male
age: 18
race: Human (With Quirk)
Quirk(gonna slip this in there whoops): Clay Flesh; able to manipulate, pull apart and reform his own flesh like clay
birthing hour: probably the least convenient time like 1am on a Tuesday morning or something
sign: Leo
sexuality: Bisexual
height: 6'1
weight: a thinn boi
characteristics: Smoker, hair always slightly messy, slouches
weapon of choice: His quirk 
theme song: I Don't Love You - My Chemical Romance (he has some big ol' commitment issues)

Someone called an ambulance! physical/bodily attributes
hair color: Ash blonde
skintone: paler than average but not paper white lmao
eye color: pale grey
does the carpet match the drapes?: as if he would bother to dye his hair or shave 
face shape: regular? hm
distinguishing features: Crew cut, eye bags, ears stick out slightly

Someone called an ambulance! clothing info
work clothes: UA uniform or just a simple white shirt and black trousers
casual: baggy grey/brown sweatpants, white All Might hoodie, usually barefoot
accessories: Probably a cigarette, tattoos (rabbit on his left hip, rook chess piece on his right bicep)

Someone called an ambulance! does he:
sing in the shower?: Sometimes he even takes requests if you yell through the door
curse?: Often
smoke?: Y e p
drink?: If he's in the mood
do drugs?: If he's having a bad day, he'll try anything
hallucinate?: No
want to get married?: He avoids commitment like the plague
drink and drive?: At least once a month
snore?: Probably
sleep walk?: No

Someone called an ambulance! miscellaneous info
posture: Slouches, hands usually in pockets
occupation: Exchange Student in the UA (Held back a couple years due to 'misbehavior' at old schools)
dating status: Single, doesn't like getting attached to new people anyway
how old does s/he appear: A little older than he actually is, gets him in trouble trying to go to school with younger peers 'cause he looks like a thug
habits: S m o k i n g, he's just always smoking, how is he alive, he also rubs his wrists a lot, not sure why 
known languages: English, German, a bit of Chinese, Japanese (Picked 'em up from previous schools)
deadly sin: Sloth
patience level: Impatient, won't explain anything a third time
state of mind: Very indifferent and detached, will watch the world go by without him until he's pushed to join in 
personal goals: Staying with his best friend Arawasu, has no set life plans except being with his best friend
memory of choice: Meeting Arawasu as young children, the trouble that got them both kicked from their old schools, going on long drives in silence
weaknesses: Very self-centered, can't and won't function without Arawasu, struggles at trusting others and teamwork
strengths: Quirk, excellent team player with Arawasu, smarter than his appearance implies, very good driver
mannerisms: Hasn't said 'please' in 5 years, coughs a lot, unexpectedly innocent sense of humour, makes it very clear when he's unhappy with something

Someone called an ambulance! likes: Driving, Arawasu, smoking, views from windows, windy days, fancy cars, soft clothes
Someone called an ambulance! dislikes: Hot weather, Arawasu, speed limits, small spaces, egotism, restrictions and confinement

Someone called an ambulance! bonus facts: He's possessive as hell over his stuff, his parents don't actually exist to me, as far as I know he just turned up at Arawasu's side one day, he'd sooner kick his own ass than lay a finger on his best friend

Arawasu is Prince-Petrichor's OC as if that wasn't a bloody given already
why are we like this
i steal every meme i ever do from Fazboggle and he cant stop me
what even is this one i don't know

♈ ARIES. (MARCH 21 - APRIL 19)
[X] you have a tendency to not finish things you start.
[/] you are very conscious of what people think of you, and you let it impact you deeply.
[ ] you’re impulsive and spontaneous.
[ ] you are very headstrong and hard to sway.
[X] you are more likely to take your own approach to something rather than go by conventional methods.
[/] you’re not afraid to say what you think, but sometimes you forget how what you think might make other people feel.
[/] you are young at heart.
[X] you love to experience new things, even though you bore of them quickly.
[X] you can be very jealous.
[/] even though you are quiet in nature, you still know how to make the best out of any situation.


♉ TAURUS. (APRIL 20 - MAY 20)
[X] you are very possession-oriented, and have a hard time sharing your belongings.
[X] you are extremely affectionate.
[/] you have great tolerance, and it takes you a lot to reach a breaking point.
[ ] ^ but when you do, it’s disastrous.
[X] you like to take things slow and know what you’re getting into.
[X] you have never been one for change.
[/] you can’t stand to be challenged.
[/] you have a firmly set comfort zone, and it irritates you when people tamper with it.
[ ] you are especially reliable, and you are always there for people who need you.
[ ] you always keep your promises without fail.


♊ GEMINI. (MAY 21 - JUNE 20)
[/] your dominant trait is absolutely your love of communication.
[ ] you are naturally a very curious person, but since you flutter from one thing to another so often, you aren’t one to appreciate the deeper aspects of an experience.
[X] you are all about logic. things need to make sense to you.
[/] you are very restless and active, in both body and mind.
[ ] you tend to be two faced.
[X] you are a very critical person.
[X] you are a cynic.
[ ] you thrive on change and hate being in the same environment for an extended period of time.
[X] once someone betrays you, you have difficulty trusting them again.
[ ] you are very unpredictable.


♋ CANCER. (JUNE 21 - JULY 22)
[X] who you are as a person is deeply affected by your childhood.
[/] you are very in touch with emotions, to the point where you can almost instantly tell how someone else is genuinely feeling.
[X] you need a place you can call your own, which is why you value ‘home’ (be it in a place, a person or an object) so much.
[ ] you love kids.
[X] you are very affected by other people’s problems, and have a knack for putting yourself in the shoes of other people.
[X] you dislike confrontation.
[ ] you have always valued your heart over your mind.
[/] you hate being told what to do.
[ ] your moods are very fluid, as you are very sensitive.
[X] if you like someone, you accept them into your heart just the way they are. 


♌ LEO. (JULY 23 - AUGUST 22)
[X] you would move heaven and earth for the people you care about.
[ ] you would never consider yourself petty. (petty's my first, middle and last name lmao)
[/] you are naturally a very generous person. 
[ ] for you, there is nothing worse than losing.
[/] in arguments, you come across as stubborn and hot headed, but you just want to justify your actions and explain why you believe you’re right. (stubborn yes, hot-headed nah)
[X] you set very high, occasionally unreasonable expectations. (on myself, hell yeah)
[ ] your ego is the size of a small planet.
[X] you dislike change, and would much rather have stability in your life.
[XXX] one of your talents is making people feel special. (i go so overboard sometimes people think i'm lying when i'm not, i'm just super fucking proud of other people's accomplishments lmao)
[X] you love being in the limelight, and it roots from a need to be appreciated.

6 (this one actually is me waheyyyy)

[X] you like to dream and fantasize, but in the grand scheme of things, you are realistic and won’t waste time on the impossible.
[X] you know exactly what you want, you just don’t know how to get it.
[/] education is very important to you.
[XXX] all you really want is to feel useful.
[/] you never lose your cool.
[XXX] you second guess yourself a lot, and majority of the time, you don’t think you’re good enough.
[X] you don’t mind going the extra mile, even for people you don’t really know.
[X] you are not overly emotional, and you sometimes perceive them as messy, embarrassing or even a weakness. (i'm have problems showing genuine emotion cuz all i know is how to make jokes wahey)
[/] you are deep and reflective.
[X] you would rather be lonely than settle for less.

8.5 whoa

[/] you are very laid back and you don’t mind a lot of things.
[/] you are fascinated with people, and you love to understand others.
[/] you dread hurting other people’s feelings.
[/] you are very charming.
[ ] you would rather look at life through rose-tinted glasses than acknowledge the negatives.
[ ] you are very focused on balance. if someone pushes you, you will push them right back.
[X] you are indecisive.
[ ] you wish more people would give peace a chance.
[/] you become annoyed when you spot unoriginality in others.
[/] you will never forget to let the people you love know how much you care about them.


[ ] if someone tries too hard to control you, nothing will hold you back from rebelling.
[ ] you are vindictive.
[X] you prefer to keep your feelings to yourself.
[/] you can see right through people when they lie to you.
[X] you can always be trusted with secrets. always. 
[X] you are horrified of being made vulnerable.
[/] you have complete control over your emotions. people only see what you let them see, and you prefer it this way. (don't really prefer it tbh)
[ ] you do not desire approval from anyone; you’re content to do your own thing.
[/] you can be pretty blunt.
[/] people often say you’re a mystery.


[ ] you’re a risk-taker. you’ve never been afraid to act on a hunch.
[X] you love to learn and gain knowledge. wisdom in general is something you find very, very respectable.
[X] freedom means the world to you.
[X] you’re not a dishonest person, and very rarely will you take advantage of someone to get what you want.
[X] a lot of people think you have a great sense of humor.
[ ] you are very carefree by nature, but occasionally you tend to be careless.
[/] you don’t freely hand out compliments, but when you do give them, you mean them. (if i think someone needs to hear something nice i tell 'em, but i've never lied about compliments 10/10 softy 
[ ] you love a challenge. if something comes too easily, your interest in it will disappear.
[no] you are very enthusiastic about life.
[/] you are generally upbeat and happy-go-lucky. (only on good days ;))))))))))) )


[/] you are very reliable, but you have a hard time relying on other people.
[X] you don’t know how to ask for help.
[ ] you finish everything you start.
[X] you hate making mistakes, no matter how small.
[X] you don’t like talking about your deeper emotions, and you get really irritated when people try to make you.
[X] you are far more complicated than people believe you to be.
[/] you may come across as harmless, but you are tough as a keg of nails. 
[X] you like to be in charge of everything in your life.
[/] you always stand your ground.
[/] a trait you hate to see in someone is vulnerability, and you might find yourself taking advantage of someone who tends to play the ‘victim’ role. (don't take advantage but i cant be bothered with people who constantly have a victim attitude, aint got time for that shit


[X] emotions can be scary for you.
[ ] you are a walking contradiction. you want freedom, yet you want protection. you want to be alone, yet you want the laughter and adventures that only other people can bring you.
[ ] you are not the jealous type.
[ ] you are an inventor. you live in today’s world, but think in tomorrow’s world.
[ ] you rebel for the sake of rebelling. you love to shock.
[/] you won’t change for anyone. someone must either take you as you are, or stay out of your path.
[X] you like to listen to other people’s opinions and views, even if you disagree. you aren’t at all unreasonable.
[X] no matter how close you get to someone, there will always be a part of you reserved for yourself.
[/] you expect less than practical things of people.
[X] you’re more interested in being a friend than making more friends.


[X] you are very artistic, to the point where you can’t keep it in. art is your life.
[ ] you have no emotional boundaries. you feel practically everything.
[/] you are very, very open minded. you would never put anyone down because of their beliefs.
[X] you have your head in the clouds maybe too often.
[X] you want a fairytale romance. (like hell it'd happen lmao i'm more likely to be genie than aladdin and im 200% fine with that tbh)
[ ] sometimes you tend to see things less as what actually happened, and more as what you wished happened instead.
[/] if you’re excited about something, you become a dog with a bone. you could talk about it all day.
[X] you are capable of surprisingly biting sarcasm.
[ ] you have a hard time accepting criticism.
[/] you hold onto people who are bad for you. (h e a v i l y  depends on the person mmmmm


does anyone even read these 
i bet i could put something real dumb and people wouldnt even notice
okay here goes

boy oh boy i like the new pennywise a little too~~~ much and i should probably stop that
wow thats pretty dumb haha told you id do it waheyyyyyyyyyyy


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if it wasn't for the shuddering remnants of age old cringe, i honestly wouldn't mind drawing Smiley the Animatronic again

but jesus was that a cringy idea

This is what happens when I'm up since 3am eating nothing but Honey Nut Cornflakes and watching Cry 'n' Russ' LiveStreams.

I do not own Cry or the Leppy. :iconleppyplz:

P.S: :iconleppyplz::iconleppyplz::iconleppyplz::iconleppyplz::iconleppyplz::iconleppyplz:

EDIT 04/10/2014: Nope, I still love this to pieces.

EDIT 20/11/2014: Beginning to feel the inner shame of this.                                      ... I'm gonna make another one soon.

EDIT 11/02/2015: I will never stop loving this, gonna re-sub it because it's so beautiful.

EDIT 03/11/2016: I'M NEVER DELETING THIS FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE, I'm bringing it back for your viewing pleasure.


EDIT 28/07/2017: I want this framed and buried with me, make it happen.

EDIT 10/04/2018: I won't let this die, not now not ever, it will be the legacy I leave behind for my family to be ashamed of

EDIT 06/08/2018: Happy Birthday me, my gift to myself is remembering this masterpiece
Add me on Pokemon Go you cowards

Friend Code: 2771 1502 0796


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