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Welcome to the World of Grimm~

:new:CLOSED - semi-permanent hiatus
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Follow all the directions in Character Creation to complete your application. Submit a Join Request (on the left side) and link us to your finished application.

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Introduction & FAQ

Grimm-Chronicles is an RP group where original characters based on fairy tales come together in one place to interact with each other, affect each others' stories, and more.

For events, members are welcome to RP out the event or submit art/writing. There is no minimum activity requirement and all events are optional.

The group does have an overarching storyline (you can read about the Lore here), which will be revealed as time goes on.

While there is no base art level requirement, members must be able to draw their character (no bases, tracing, commissioned work) on their character application in order to join.

Members apply with characters that have unfinished stories which could be based on Grimm's Fairy Tales, fairy tales written by other authors, or original fairy tales of their own creation. Characters do not have to be human & can possess magical/fairy tale powers...










Hi everyone!

As you've probably guessed, :icongrimm-chronicles: has entered/is in a state of "hiatus" or basically, a break.

We are not sure if it will be permanent, but Katarya and I (vtas) still love this group very much, we just haven't had the time (for awhile now) to properly moderate it.

We're very sorry that it took us this long to "officially" announce it, but we've been considering a lot of ideas that would make the group less burdensome or time-consuming to moderate, and unfortunately, cannot implement our ideas at the moment.

For those of you wondering what happened, here is a brief explanation how it came to this point (not necessary for you to read): When Katarya had the idea for this group, it was a versus/battle-type group. However, due to lack of interest and high-maintenance of such groups, Katarya and I decided to put our heads together and turn this group into something more story-based. Thus came about the GC you see today. Though the new format was fun, it required extensive planning, and I was unable to continue with it due to all the other things on my plate.  Knowing this, Katarya and I intended to retreat and let the other moderators handle the group after it had been set up, but by the time this occurred, many of the moderators also entered busy stages of their lives as well. During the times that followed, the moderator team tried, but couldn't handle the workload for running this group. We got new moderators and assigned them more active roles in running the group, but ultimately, for many reasons, we were unable to keep up with the workload and keep the group active.

We thank you for all of your efforts and the great times we had with all of you members in the group.

What does this mean for you/your GC OC:
:bulletgreen: You are free to leave or stay in the group.
:bulletgreen: We are freezing all members - basically we will not be accepting new member applications at this point in time.
:bulletgreen: You are free to make use of all the group resources - chatrooms/RPing with group members/continuing your character stories.
:bulletgreen: You are free to take your group character and put it in another group.
:bulletgreen: You are free to submit any deviations to the group folders (but we will not be counting points or anything, just accepting them for the group gallery).
:bulletgreen: There may still be group-mini-events for fun - but will not be for points/etc.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MANAGING THE GROUP (eg. joining us as co-founder/take on the load for the group/idea/etc) and taking on the entire workload, feel free note the group with your intentions.
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