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The grease monkey by GrimlockGabe The grease monkey :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 3 0 Demon of the Wasteland by GrimlockGabe Demon of the Wasteland :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 6 0 The Tin Can by GrimlockGabe The Tin Can :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 5 0 Lydia, the Icy Rose by GrimlockGabe Lydia, the Icy Rose :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 2 0 [artTrade with endless-raising] Juomon by GrimlockGabe [artTrade with endless-raising] Juomon :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 3 2
Digimon: Data Insurrection part 3
Chapter 3
Heavy footsteps were heard as Leomon approached the main group. Gabriel turned to look at him, Leomon, held the fledgling dragon by the scarf.
   “Is it awake?” Gabriel asked. Leomon nodded his head and threw him over his shoulder.
“He is currently trying to control his own body,” Leomon pointed over his shoulder, “this may happen time to time. Although he doesn’t feel pain when it happens and forgets 90% of what happens, so hit him in the head to stop him from eating you.”
“I’m sorry, what and who?” Brendan questioned while looking at the dragon.
“Okay, so long story short. This is Daomon, I know this because of this device,” Gabriel began as he pulled the small handheld out of his jacket pocket, “see, it has an image of him with his name shown above.” Brendan looked at it and took his own device out.
“I got nothing,” Brendan looked at Leomon, “how can I get one. P
:icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 0 0
Digimon Data Insurrection part 2
Chapter 2
Leomon held out four blank white masks, that were similar to a kabuki mask.
“So we walk out with masks and no one will recognize us,” Viktor guessed.
“Basically, these are called user icons.” Leomon explained.
“Those are an anon icon, I’m guessing,” Brendan said, “no identifying marks or other ways to tell who’s who.”
“Exactly, It’ll also provide protection from Sentinels that are on patrol.” Leomon added.
“That’s all good and stuff, How exactly are we going to get home?” Gabriel demanded.
“At this point, I don’t think going home is a viable option,” Brendan said, “we have to break into prison, find Ron, and we don’t even know how to get back, much less if it is easy. We already crossed our Rubicon river.”
“But we can’t just give up there has to be some way home!” Gabriel shouted.
“Option 1: leave Ron here and you explain
:icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 2 0
Digimon: Data Insurrection
My mother used to tell me stories that described  the beginnings of our world starting something like this.
“in the beginning there was… nothing”
Act 1:The adventure begins
Chapter 1
Gabriel sat there in his desk, looking out of the classroom window in utter disbelief as he saw a thick heavy fog roll in, which caused quite the commotion as almost thirty high school students rushed to see the fog that appeared with no warning or prediction.
“They said the precipitation chance was only 13 percent,” one of the students declared.
“Classic Michigan weather,” another stated.
“I wish I scheduled a ride yesterday,” someone moaned.
“Damn, I wonder how this’ll affect the buses?” Gabriel thought aloud, as he stood up from his seat to ask the teacher if he could go to the office, she agreed. “Why doesn’t anyone want diversity, everyone wears the same
:icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 1 0
neophymon line by GrimlockGabe neophymon line :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 5 0 gone with the wind by GrimlockGabe gone with the wind :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 0 0 Mecha month week 1 by GrimlockGabe Mecha month week 1 :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 0 0 Godzilla vs Cthulhu by GrimlockGabe Godzilla vs Cthulhu :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 4 0 WIP by GrimlockGabe WIP :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 3 0 SiegeTetsudomon by GrimlockGabe SiegeTetsudomon :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 15 0 Just who the hell do you think I am!!!!!! by GrimlockGabe Just who the hell do you think I am!!!!!! :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 7 1 Cyber kendramon by GrimlockGabe Cyber kendramon :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 17 1


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Digimon Commission
A commision for a Custom mega Level Digimon of your choice.
Gem commisions
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GrimlockGabe's Profile Picture
Gabriel linderman
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
My name is Gabriel Linderman, my friends and family just call me Gabe though, I am 16 years old and have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I am a type 1 diabetic, and was diagnosed when I was three.
I play the alto saxophone, for band, and I am also apart of my schools robotics team.

•requests are always open.

•Comments are always welcomed to, so please don’t be shy.

•my avatar was made by Endless-Raising


Demon of the Wasteland
Created by Matthe’s father, before he vanished, Ares-9 was designed to protect the earth. It’s three Components were discovered by Matthew, and Lydia.

Ares-9’s final attack is the Reapers Strike, where he turns his swords into duel ended blade and throws it at the enemy slicing them into two
The grease monkey
Matthew was only seven at the time the world fell to an invading alien armada, that used insect like machines to Rip and tear through the worlds defenses bringing the Golden Age of Humanity to an end, his father has been missing for several years, a year after the Callapse, he ran into Lydia who’s been watching out for him ever since. He is extremely clever and can get himself out of tight situations, he’s also really good with machines.
The Tin Can
An Android found by Lydia and Matthew in a trash compactor whenever the walls began to compact, he saved their lives, by using his incredible strength to hold the walls back, breaking the pistons in the wall. He has no memories of his past or who he is


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