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Very nice!


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Better then the Original Photos :happybounce: 
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It is always a pleasure to visit your gallery to see your beautiful creations, thank you for sharing your God given talents and hard work!! 
                                                                                                                                  Rose Wine Fire by cheyanne-mia2  
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Thanks so much for the uplifting words! They're always appreciated :hug:
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You are truly deserving!!
                             Champagne and Roses by cheyanne-mia2   
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You talent is so much appreciated and truly, thank you for sharing!!! 
                                                A Butterfly and Flower by cheyanne-mia2  
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I like it.  Dramatic. Nice!
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Thanks a lot for the comment and :+fav:!
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Interesting how the woman at bottom left is poised and looking at the viewer. It kind of brings it altogether. Somehow.
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At the beginning my purpose was just to exercise painting various female characters, but then it became one, more or less coherent work. The woman at bottom left was the first one I chose to draw because of her almost mesmerizing look.
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Great piece of work! Each woman has such unique personality, I think it works well together. 
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Thanks so much for the comment! Indeed, references were very inspiring :)
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:) an awesome composition! :thumbsup:
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you're very welcome! :nod:
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Nice, I like the upper left one.
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do more of this. n _ n
not that anything else is not interesting, but I have a theory that every artist enjoy the most when they paint humans. n _ n
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I will! Interesting theory by the way :D
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