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Weird miniature buildings

By GrimDreamArt
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Concept designs of tabletop RPG miniatures made for Printable Scenery.

Some other designs of miniature buildings:
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Home sweet home

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These are amazing! so detailed

GrimDreamArt's avatar

Many thanks for the nice words and * !!!

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The house with the bird legs recall me Baba Yaga's house. Nice.

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Thanks! It is a Baba Yaga's house indeed :D

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Thank you! I'm happy to read that :D

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Cela ressemble à un signe du Vodoun Linglessou et un temple spirituelle .

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Such detailed and impressiv work deserves some applause :clap:

BTW: It's making me think of Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel for some reason.

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Thanks so much for the uplifting comment! :worship:

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You are very welcome ^^ and thanks for the llama.

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(In childrens book and fairytales) Looks like the houses russian witches called baba-jaga live in, they live in the running houses in the swap areas and the houses are alive which means they protect everything inside and run and attack any intruders
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Indeed, the building on the left is Baba Yaga's house. However, I didn't know why these houses have legs. So practical!

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Walking houses. Not a bad idea

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I love these little houses. Their beautifully drawn and wonderfull quirky.

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Thanks so much! I'm happy to read that :D

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Loved these drawings reminds of my imaginations of secret houses in the woods I like to find and hide out in

GrimDreamArt's avatar

That's so interesting! Thank you for the comment :D

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One of those houses is Baba Yaga's and it also reminds of that episode of Arthur.

GrimDreamArt's avatar

That's Baba Yaga's house, indeed :D I haven't watched Arthur, but maybe all Baba Yagas live in similar houses?

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