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View of Södermalm - an island in Stockholm, where I've been living for a few months. Unfortunatelly I'm not living in any of THESE buildings but, oh well, at least the surrounding is quite outstanding :)

Watercolors, 50x70cm

Details and drawing stages on my BLOG :sherlock: 

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Makes me want to go there! Beautiful.

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Stockholm is definitely worth visiting :D

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Thank you for the support!
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Co za głębia spokoju przed burzą :wow:
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Wo-w, the detail in this is so amazing. How big is the paper? I love the various sized spaces. As a beginner, I didn't think it possible to color within such small spaces with water color. I'm learning how it is possible though. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks a lot! The paper's size is 50x70 cm so it's quite large. However, I had to use a very thin brush for the details anyway :)
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I thought you did. I'm about to post up my very first watercolor painting since I was a child. Lol, I can't do as well as you did. Thanks for sharing!

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No worries. My first watercolor works weren't as good either :) It's all about practicing. Good luck!
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Yeah, I also heard it also helps to have quality materials. I think I failed to do that because I was trying to not break my budget. The paint is okay but the brushes don't hold much water or paint.

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Otroligt väl hanterade färger. Striking impression!
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Beatiful colours and lighting!
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Your art style reminds me so much of Judy Gibson's. She makes the wallpapers for some of the themes Corvi77 designed.
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Thank you! I've just checked Judy Gibson's works and her style is quite charming :)
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Wow this is incredible!! 
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