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Pest Doctor


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Steampunk version of a pest doctor - he's a very helpful robot (even if he looks quite scarry).  

I made this illustration for "Steampunk Playing Cards". More details about this project (one of the most interesting I've been involved in EVER!) on my :bulletred: BLOG :bulletred:

Ink and Watercolors 

Other cards from the deck: Steampunk Girl by GrimDreamArt  Steampunk Chapel by GrimDreamArt  Steampunk Hearse by GrimDreamArt  Steampunk Pirate by GrimDreamArt

Support appreciated Handshake  : YouTube   FB   INSTA
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reminds me of a doctor i once had. perfect. thank you.:D

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I hope he was a good doctor :D

he was my oncolgist, he was a remarkable man. thank you:)

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Soon to be seen in Wuhan!
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OMG! I love this. Fan - super - tastic!!
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Many thanks! I'm happy to read that :D
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Świetna praca ^^
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This look really slick and cool! I love the idea, and the execution is so good! I particularly like his pose, how hunched he is and the way he holds his arms. Yet, those big black eyes with the over sized head and little glasses make him look adorable in such a disconcerting manner!
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Thanks a lot for the comment! I'm glad to read that :D
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Magnifficent creature :D
I didn't know why it was for me love at first sight...
Then I knew why... I am a doctor too (the most evil type... A dentist  XD :p
If only this type of a mechano-creature would ever become reality.... But you know... They have actually found some bacteria that make themselves an inner golden skeleton of some sort... Out of pure gold.... Who knows, in the  years to come,  maybe the creatures of the future would look just like this :floating:
Magnifficent piece of art :D
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Thanks a lot for the comment! (I always suspected, that dentists have some sadistic tendencies :fear:)
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Your suspicions are confirmed..... ;)  Absolutely, they do :D
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My pleasure!..loved it
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