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Medieval Town

An illustration made for a Skillshare course in designing imaginary architecture
(Here's a REFERRAL LINK to sign up to this class Hi! )

:bulletred: And on my BLOG there is a presentation of drawing this illustration.

ink and watercolors, 42x56cm

Support appreciated Handshake  : YouTube   FB   INSTA
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Always a pleasure looking through your work. Really like this one 😊

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You're a real master!!

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Thanks so much for the flattering comment :woohoo:

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La definicion deldibujo en torno a los tonos claros y oscuros hacen de este proyecto un realismo casi magico, mas a saber por los detalles plasmados en , él....

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Lovely work - your attention to detail is amazing! :)

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The attention to detail is absolutely phenomenal in all of your work. I'm astounded every time I see a new piece from you.

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:aww: Thanks so much for the nice words! I'm really happy to read that.
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You're style is wonderful!
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Thanks so much, Ron!
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You're welcome! I've done some of this architecture as very large Miniatures I'll post here in DA too!
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I'll surely take a look! :)
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   Great scene!

   The rats give a touch of expectation to it, as if a adventure was about to start. Any minute a sort of furtive bard will jump on that roof in the top right or you scene and fall on the ground from there, a instant before a arrow send by a crossbow hit the place where he was. 
    Maybe he has his pants on one hand, and the fellow with the crossbow shouting treats from a window is the chief of City Guard, who just arrived from work half hour sooner than usual. Maybe the shady musician was in the room not only for sex, but also for maps showing secret entrances for the castle. And a plan of regicide will follow, if this bard manages to escape running with his pants in one hand. Whatever happens, the shady bard lost his musical instrument on the room, and that is an irreplaceable relic of family. When the treacherous wife trow the musical relic on her fireplace to prove her sorriness for the adultery this rat will be climbing back to where he now is, on entire day will be gone since this instant in the image, and the History of one Nation will be about to be irreversibly changed. 

   Rats are important.

   They do carry that sense of beginning, somehow. At least in scenarios like that.         
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so much effort very well worth the hours I might wager
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It was time-consuming indeed. I'm glad that you like it!
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