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March 27, 2013
Extremely Easy Tree Tutorial by ~GrimDreamArt A simple but clever painting technique that creates beautiful results!
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Extremely Easy Tree Tutorial

Several tips how to paint without thinking :D Just download it for the fullview.


MORE TUTORIALS FROM ME ON DeviantART:… - another tree tutorial (different method)… - Haunted Ship tutorial… - Medieval House tutorial

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Thank you for making this incredibly helpful tutorial! I was just wondering in step 7, then you are highlighting your bark patterns what kind of pen are you using?

Valkimber's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial :)
garjansverd's avatar
Thank you this is very helpful. I am just beginning exploring watercolors.

Your art is beautiful and inspiring :)
Dagoelius's avatar
Do you add the salt while the paint is wet, or salt first, wash with water THEN paint?
GrimDreamArt's avatar
I add it on the wet paint.
lieber's avatar
you are so funny :D thanks for this brilliant tutorial!!
CrystalHubbard's avatar
I liked your page on fb. :) When are you going to do patreon? I'm sure you'd get a lot of supporters. Maybe do a book of steps or even just your lovely artwork? I am going to invest in masking fluid to try it out. I'll also eventually get a shaving brush. Thank you for such a great tutorial. I hope you have a great day!
GrimDreamArt's avatar
I'm sooo happy that you think so! I was actually planning to prepare something for Patreon this summer. So if everything goes well, I'll be there at the end of summer/beginning of autumn.
CrystalHubbard's avatar
You can actually create you account now (and not go live) now if you want. You can get used to the navigating and things (like tiers, goals, etc). Make your tier rewards where they don't drive you nuts though. I just opted for the patrons to give what they can and they get everything. Then I can just focus on creating projects etc while trying not to figure out who is what tier etc. I'm at You can kind of get an idea. :) I doubt I'd get many though due to I don't do fetish, nsfw, fanartsy stuff.
PersianDoll's avatar
Quick do you manage to remove the masking fluid and salt?
GrimDreamArt's avatar
When the paint and paper are completely dry I just sweep salt with hand. Removing masking fluid resembles removing chewing gum, though it's even easier. The most important thing is that the work has to be completely dry and the paper shouldn't be too thin (an average watercolor paper is absolutely ok).
PersianDoll's avatar
Thanks so much, I've never heard of it before so it's useful to know :)
bear48's avatar
Thank you this is helpful
GrimDreamArt's avatar
I'm happy to read that!
anamarijaK's avatar
This is great!! Really helpful!

Your tutorial inspired me to do something similar:

Hope you like it :D
GrimDreamArt's avatar
I'm happy that this tutorial was useful for you :D Your work is great!
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faliha's avatar
lovelylovelylovelylovely La la la la
I don't understand the masking fluid and salt part, tho. What exactly is masking fluid? *shot
GrimDreamArt's avatar
Thanks :D I'll try to explain:
Masking fluid is a special liquid which can be used for covering a part of a drawing so it will not be painted over with watercolors. It is placed with a brush just like a paint but when it dries up, it changes into something similar to chewing gum. Then the masking fluid can be removed. The part of the drawing which was covered by it remains white.
Salt absorbs water. You can place it on a wet painting and the grains of salt will absorb water around them which will create irregular textures.
faliha's avatar
hummm is masking fluid sold worldwide? (because I've never heard of it omg I'm so... under the rock)
GrimDreamArt's avatar
I believe so, though it may not be available in all art shops. I buy it simply via Internet because in my town there are no such shops :)
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