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Concept Art - Fantasy Buildings

Quick (which in my case means "it took me a few hours") drawings of various fantasy buildings.
Bullet; Green Video tutorial on drawing Steampunk House on my YT channel.
Bullet; Green Video tutorial on drawing Elven House  
Bullet; Green Video tutorial on drawing Fantasy Mausoleum OMG  

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Your art is so beautiful and amazing :dummy:

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Thanks so much! :w00t:

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Excellent art work as usual! :heart:

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I wish I could take a few hours to make awesome detailed stuff like this. Currently I'm starting to take from months to years to complete a drawing :cries:.

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I guess that my record long drawing took me 9 days (though it was a map :D).

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I see. I literally took a year to complete a drawing once and that was this year :(.

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stunning this style :)

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Thanks so much for the compliment and :+fav:!!!

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Ten u góry to domek nowoczesnej Baby Jagi? ;)

Masz nie tylko niesamowity talent ale i niesamowitą fantazję....

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Dzięki! W zasadzie to domek goblina, ale dla bardziej technologicznie ukierunkowanej Baby Jagi też się nada :D

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Really cool design! Beautiful line work!

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Many thanks! I'm happy to read that :happybounce:

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The mechanical house is litterally screaming "Baba Yaga knows nothing!"

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Beautiful work !

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Definitely getting a Howl's moving castle vibe off that first one

I can only imagine all the dishes sliding out of the cupboards

These are gorgeous!! A few hours well spent

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Many thanks for the nice comment! :D

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