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This is the group for all of your art having to do with My Little Pony fanfics and associated to grimdark art, like Blood, gore, demons,etc.
From fanfics of Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory, Cheerilee's Garden, and others to crossovers with horror characters and games, bloody art, grim atmosphere ,etc. Heck, you can even submit your own dark stories here in our fanfic folder!!!

Please consult me if you have any questions, concerns or comments. Thanks!
Current founder: :iconmaitrevoleur:

:bulletblack: Submit as much as you like ! Their is no limit to submissions!!!
:bulletblack: Please submit to the right folders, IF NOT THEN, I'll take care of it, LEAVE IT IN THE FEATURE.
:bulletblack: If there are any problems, contact me (the founder), or the co-founders.
:bulletblack: If you don't like Grimdark stuff, GTFO and don't whine about it. Neigh-sayers gonna neigh-say.
:bulletblack: Be nice to everyone!
:bulletblack: Everyone is welcome! Anyone can join!

****What we accept:****
:bulletgreen: MLP Crossovers, anthro and ocs(please dark ones, not happy joy)
:bulletgreen: Fanfics
:bulletgreen: MLP related art only
:bulletgreen: Dark, Gore, Evil, Demonic, Grim art

****What we don't accept: (This rules will be applied)****
:bulletred: No sexual themes ( I mean it! I'll be checking the folders, and eliminating them if i find them)
:bulletred: No My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic hate art
:bulletred: No journal posting in folders unless is told first!
:bulletred: No unrelated pony art like Sonic or other art that is MLP. This is a MLP group so ponies rule here, unless the creature is part of you fanfiction or crossover or ponified.
:bulletred: NO SEXUAL CONTENT!!! This is clean gory art not porn....
( Who ever post this art will be blocked until further notice and the art will be removed)

That's all, and I hope you have a great time! AND Have fun!!!
Founded 9 Years ago
Jan 20, 2013


Group Focus
Grimdark fanfictions

417 Members
451 Watchers
55,772 Pageviews

About Us

:icontwilightmagicplz:WELCOME TO GRIMDARK MLP!!!!:icontwilightmagicplz:
Twilight's victory by Don-ko My little Reanimator by Don-ko

Our group icon was made by floffey
it is so beautiful

Make yourself at home!:icontwilightscaryderpplz:


Our Folders: :icontastyhatplz:

MLP Movie 2017- Any art related to the new movie. Tempest, storm king and other artwork related to the movie are welcome. (Please keep it grimdark or dark)

Commission/Trades- Any Commission/Trade JOURNAL displaying your work and prices. Only Journals. **NEW** (MLP related journals)

Cupcakes- Art from the fanfic Pinkamena Stamp by KanashiiBara"Cupcakes"… or art of Pinkie's alternate personality, Pinkamena…

Rainbow Factory- Based on the fanfic "Rainbow Factory" story Rainbowfactory Stamp by KanashiiBara-……

Other MLP Creepypastas- Art based off other creepypastas stories including "Cheerilee's Garden" and the Sweet Apple Massacre.

Mane 6 and Spike- Any art having to do with portraying the Mane 6 ponies (Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle) and spike in a Grimdark manner.

Cutie Mark Crusaders- Any art showing the CMC (Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom) in a grimdark way.

Side Characters- Any side characters, (The Wonderbolts, Fancypants, etc.) or minor antagonists (Trixie, Gilda, etc.) in a grimdark manner.

Your own Fanfictions- Pretty self explanatory. Fanfictions written by you.

Comics- comic pages from different types of stories.

OC's- Original Characters shown grimdarkly. (Yes that is now a word)

Ponified Characters- Horror characters ponified. Jeff The Killer, Freddy Krueger, Slenderman, people like that.

Crossovers- Crossovers between grimdark characters/stories and things not containing MLP, or crossovers between fics (examples, MLP with Amnesia, werewolf, and many other stuff including Cupcakes and Rainbow Factory)

Humanized and Anthro- Grimdark things portrayed as humans or in the Equestria Girls style. This folder also includes anthro style ponies.

Other- Deviations that has no specific folder.

Royalty- Equestrian royalty, including Shinning Armor, Candace and Sunset Shimmer.

Sad- Grimdark art with a sad atmosphere, or portrayed in a melancholic manner.

Stamps,buttons,bases,memes folder- This folder includes MLP stamps,buttons,bases,memes and sometimes tutorials.

Silent Ponyville- Is a special folder dedicated to a comic crossover between MLP and Silent Hill. Author: mashuga31
(This folder can contain fan art of the comic aswell)

OmegaVirus2's comic- A comic from one of our members OmegaVirus2 from his Tumblr page.

The Rose of Life Comic- A supernatural comic from j5a4 crossing MLP with her own story idea.(This folder can contain fan art of the comic aswell)

When Demons Awake- Another comic from j5a4 crossing MLP with her own story idea.(This folder can contain fan art of the comic aswell) *NEW

The Party Of One comic- A comic made by :iconthewhitelie: What happens when Candace finds out about Pinkie Pie's secret?

Fluttershy and the Rainbow Factory comic- A comic fanfiction of the famous rainbow factory fanfic by The1King.

MLP Surprise Creepypasta Comic- Another comic from j5a4 crossing MLP with her own story idea.(This folder can contain fan art of the comic aswell)

Adapting to Night - A comic series from :iconrated-r-ponystar: about Vinyl Scratch and her mysterious double life.

307 Members!!! --->366 Members!!!
368 Watchers!!!---->448 Watchers!

:iconflutterdieplz:HALL OF GRIMDARK!!! :iconstayoutofmyshedplz:

Mature Content

Contest Entry - Silver Spoon Strangled by MacabreDerek

Mature Content

Fluttershy [gore] by JensterCreations

Mature Content

Cry, motherfucker!! [Contest entry] by TheWhiteLie


It has come to my attention that some members want to share their commission and trade journals to this group.
However, there is going to be a few rules for this folder since not every commission journal will be submitted there.

Commission/Trade folder Rules:
-It has to be pony related like mlp or similar
-Can't advertise commission if its not pony related.

I will check the journals and will decided upon them.
If you have any questions, please send me a note on my main profile.

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