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Scarecrow Arkham Asylum 3

Submitted to the #Villainous-Alliance for the Scariest Villain Contest.

These are a few shots of my Arkham Asylum Scarecrow costume,
all made by me, claw, mask, hood pants ect.

in a few weeks i will include some with the electronics activated on the claw, IE it will be glowing. i just did not have batteries during this photoshoot.

Photography by Matt Rice

Edit: i'm getting a lot of messages from people about the materials i used in making this,
and it's getting pretty silly that i'm retyping it two or three times a day now,
so to help me keep my sanity and the benefit of all:
i used about 2-3 yards each of three colors of a rough thick linen, no brand name i'm afraid, just $7 a yard at Jo-anns
the patch work effect was done by making a paper pattern for each piece of the clothing, and dividing the pattern into pieces,
i then cut and machine stitched all those pieces together to make the costume, and then hand stitched over the top with a thick white thread to give the "chunky" stitching effect.

the glove was a combination of some syringes, pen tips, EL wire, some plastic and a few kids toys, all painted with acrylics.

liberal amounts of ink, dirt and other substances were used to distress various parts also

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Wow, this is really impressive.
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This is an awesome costume. I was just wondering would you consider making this costume for someone? And how much would you do it for?
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This is wonderful, but makes me thing of a really fluffy owl for some reason. 
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do you know the size of that EL wire? :o
grimdarkkommissar's avatar
length? no, each was custom cut.

thickness? there are three main sizes ive seen and worked with, a very thin type, a medium and a very thick. i used a medium thickness
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Okay! Thanks so much! ^-^
SoravsXehanort's avatar
Hello, Mr. Kommissar? Just wonderin... WILL U SELL DAT?
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your cosplays are amazing! i'm so freaking jealous of you skills! right now i'm in the process of making the syringe claw and i know what i'm going to do for the most part. the only issue are the 3 cylindrical piece circling the arm. i been looking around for something that would work and im at a loss. what did you use for that part?
grimdarkkommissar's avatar
you mean the toxin 'canisters'?
i got them as plastic kids test tubes from a child science center.
Shadow-Phen's avatar
ohhhh ok :) thankyou! i doubt i could get something like that but im sure i could improvise. but again thankyou!
Hbot208's avatar
I see you, Little Bat...
Now darkness takes you... FOREVER....
PsychoSocialNicole's avatar
Ahhhh! I've thought about doing a female version of this. Keeping everythng the same as in the game... except i'd have to have a top underneath. LOL! Though.... I know who I would come to if I needed help.
Aitakai22's avatar
If I ever saw someone walking around as Scarecrow, I would die :9 This is just so awesome. :iconhappytearsplz:
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Please make a tutorial or something. I have to make this.
The Scarecrow DEMANDS IT.

But he says please.
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if you do a search for the costume title at you'll find my build thread.
my username there is Kommissar
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i know you explained how to make the glove but i was also wondering how you made the mask and what kind of rope you used
grimdarkkommissar's avatar
the rope is actual rat tail (a type of rope) from a sailing ship.

the mask was shaped wiremesh with fabric attached.
Xxno-reasonxX's avatar
awesome thanks some much...i'm really lookin foward to making this costume
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