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13 Nights 2012 Mothra

Taking a breath as we pass the halfway mark, Day 07 is Mothra,who first appeared in the serialized novel The Luminous Fairies and Mothra. Her film debut was in 1961 movie Mothra. Mothra has been both an ally and foe to Godzilla throughout the years. She is seen here in her Heisei Era appearance
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will prints ever be back in stock? i would grab one right away
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Mothra is a really cool kaiju. Never understood the hate.
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Heart Heart Heart MOTHRA IS MY FAVE Heart Heart Heart 
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Love the color on this one!
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Go MOTHRA!!!!!!!!!!
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yeah!!!!!!!! MOTHRA!!!!!!!!!! FUCK RODAN
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Aaah this is so amazing! I love how we can see all of the fur on her and the colors!
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I love it so much
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can mothra speak with her airies with it mand
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Beautiful butterfly...
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Stunning colours in this - I would have thought it difficult to make a moth look formidable and ferocious, but you've pulled it off quite nicely here. :thumbsup:
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Truly one of the best pictures of Mothra to date.
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Very beautiful!
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