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13 Nights 2012 Biollante

Day 3 and todays monster is Biollante who kicked off Heisei Era of movies in Godzilla vs Biollante. This is one of the strangest but quite possible one of the coolest Godzilla movies ever.

**************PRINT AVAILABLE HERE: [link] **********
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They didn't do her justice in the official mangs she's featured in. But they do give her the ability to become bio-ghidorah.
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Awesome piece, you did Biollante justice.

Kinda of odd that combining the DNA of Godzilla, a rose and a deceased Japanese human girl (Erika) resulted in this deadly beauty, who would later spawn another great evil: Space Godzilla.

Plus the film's ending theme kind of screams superhero music.
xaviir20's avatar
I remember that this guy is the biggest monster ever from the game.
NeilHammond's avatar
And Now I use Polymerization to fuse Godzilla with Swamp thing and Petey Pihranna!
This is one flower you'd better NOT try to pickNo, I disagree! ! lol....She truly represents for all "female" kaiju!
TJBladeX's avatar
It must take them a long time to come up with all these names.
I'm just a mean green mama from outer space, and I'm mad!
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You do Erika a great justice friend. She looks quite beautiful. Please keep up the good work.
SonicFCLegends's avatar
The most powerful Monster even made...I MEAN... this Kaiju is seen her devour Godzilla...even spray acid! :D
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Indeed Biollante may the best designed Kaiju, and her movies genetic engineering motive is a nice counterpart to the first movie's nuclear theme.
NESWolf20's avatar
I got the movie Godzilla vs Biollante on DVD. I watched it and it was so cool too. Great picture too.
artdog22's avatar
Nice job. She's awesome and one of my favorite monsters in Godzilla.
Powershade117's avatar
I liked the movie and the monster, Biollante. I would REALLY like to see this girl make a return in this age.
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I'm a mean green mother from outer space and i'm bad! (mean, green, bad!)
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She's beautiful. This move and this monster is what made me become a real fan of these movies. She was the first one I really got into. Great job.
wlopez3456's avatar
did u paint this?
OrelFargas's avatar
These Godzilla kaiju pictures are awesome
manaista's avatar
One awesome piece for one awesome monster!
drac2000's avatar
u are right it is one of my fav godzilla movies
KikaijuuGouten77's avatar
I always feel bad for Biollante, the way she was transformed and ultimately killed.
Great artwork, too. ^^
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Seriously awesome work on Biollante! I love the film she appeared in, by far one of the most original Goji films ever.
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