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13 Nights 2009 The Creature

13 Nights 2009 has begun!

Night one is the Creature from the Black Lagoon aka Gill Man.
This really was the 1st piece I did. There is alot going on. Mostly due to the fact that I was really trying to create brushes that gave me the look I was searching for. I wanted a brush that was a bit transparent that allowed me to lay color down but also let some of the base color come through.
True to Basil's workflow I worked from a B&W photograph as a start and build off of it with color and brush strokes.
Go here for a summary of this years 13 Nights:[link]
Hope you like it
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The Creature aka. The Gillman is said to be the last of the Universal Studios classic monsters. I have to say that he is also yet another one of my favorite Universal Studios classic monsters.
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The Creature lives !!!
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One of my favorite classic Universal creatures.
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Really excellent! I love the coloring and brushwork – it reminds me of a sort-of cross between Frank Frazetta and Basil Gogos.
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Wow thanks so much. That is huge praise, Frazetta and Gogos are probably the two most influential artists in my life.
Thank you
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Love the Creature!!
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Brilliant! Simple, yet so detailed!!
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Glad to see the Creature Feature!

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Grimbo you sexy best you, I love your 13 nights :heart:. The Creature is pure win.
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One of the all-time great movie monsters. (One reason is because of the design; he doesn't have shockingly exaggerated fish features, but he looks like something that might reasonably evolved over the ages.)
EricNocellaDiaz's avatar
Looking good man! Solid as ever. Next!!!
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bootiful. my favorite monster too. thank you for the treat!
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What I find amazing is your brush strokes. In small view the image looks so detailed and realistic. In large view, you accomplished that look with a few brush strokes and a couple of colour changes! It's really amazing to see, going back and forth between the two sizes.
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Wow Leigh thanks so much for that observation.
I struggle with that so much. Sometimes wonder am I putting in enough detail? am I putting too much in?
Does it serve the image? Do I have a focal point?
I am finding more and more that painting for me is wrestling with those questions sometimes more than whether I am actually getting a likeness of the subject matter!

Thanks for sharing
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Well, you do a great job of it. It's like seeing what you think is a photo from far away but as you get closer you realize it's a painting. I suppose it means you know how to conserve your brush strokes so things don't get all mucked up.
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My favorite movie monster of all time!
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wow! this is really badass, really dig the claws, this must of been tricky to paint,a nice classic to start the countdown!
frozenverdugo's avatar
Love it! Seriously awesome way to start off the 13- are we gonna be seeing a Dr. Freudstein at all?
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Not at the moment. But I can put him on my to do list.
I will have to track that DVD down

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