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13 Nights 2009 Frankenstein

Frankenstein is part of 13 Nights 2009.
I can look back now and see that there is definitely some extra love for the classics in this series.
I love the icon that is Frankenstein's monster.
This one was all about lighting. I did play with some warm and cold colors. But this was mostly about contrast in lighting

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Beautiful picture love. (Using it for a project) ♥Thank you♥
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Frankenstein's Monster: I've long since conquered my fears.

*Frankenstein's Monster pummels Scarecrow*

*Frankenstein's Monster pummels Catman*

*Frankenstein's Monster pummels Zzzax*

*Frankenstein's Monster grab Scorpion's serpent and uses it to toss Scorpion around like a ragdoll*

*Frankenstein's Monster and Mister Hyde trade blows for several minutes. After that, Mister Hyde transforms back into Calvin Zabo, and then Frankenstein's Monster pummels Calvin Zabo*

*Frankenstein's Monster shoots Abomination with tachyon energy*
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Who feels sorry for him. He was brought into a world where he was being bitten.       
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I salute you.
Hi, can I use it in a board game for commercial purpose?
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Contact me via note
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LOVE old horror classics. You are great
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Classic and memorable as Karloff's depiction may seem, the "real" monster is a lot more freaky than this, if you ever read the original Mary Shelly novel.
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Great painting I have been going to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando multiple times this year and it is great to see the monster brought to life in flesh :)
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you know what's weird: people still call him Frankenstein. that's not his name, heck! i don't think he gets a name. it's just "Frankenstein's monster" but for so long, people still call him Frankenstein. weird right? but i guess saying the whole name would get to old after awhile.
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Fair point.
I just love the association. The name Frankenstein just fits. The image is so iconic as is the name. I would chalk it up to the fact that the book and movie was not called Frankenstein's Monster

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well... again, i can understand cause it's short, but still. most people need to know it's "true name" then call it that. but then again, i don't know oh
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I really love this artwork. In fact, I publish audiobooks from on Youtube (, and would love to use this work for the image during the video for "Frankenstein." I will reward you for this permission with attribution and a link in the description to your DA page. What do you say?
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Sure! Thanks for asking. Most just take this stuff and hope I don't find out. ;)

Please send me a note when you post it I would love to see it

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the lightning couldnt be much more uber awesome!
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I love it and I love Frankenstein <3 <3 <3
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i like boris karloff

This is fantastic. As someone without artistic talent, I can't fathom how you make something this visually effective.
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Great choice using that red swatch in the background...all of these are freakin amazing.
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