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13 Nights 2009 Dracula

13 Nights 2009 continues with Dracula.
First off I feel stupid. I knew yesterday was Bela's birthday and I had every intention of posting this yesterday. Until for some reason it totally slipped my mind and I posted the Mummy.
Happy Belated Birthday Bela!
I challenged myself in this one to see what kind of skin effects I could get. Could I still make it powerful and scary while still trying to keep the colors more natural.
I love this pic in the fact that he looks menacing yet regal. A True Count! It is one of my favorites of the series

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Technically, this is based of of that production still of Bela as Count Mora in Mark of the Vampire.
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This is so beautiful!
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My father-in-law...
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hey i featured your artwork in my journal…
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I don't drink wine.
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One glance and know who this is..
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That's an impressive likeness. Very nicely done.
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Is Bela channeling Jeff Goldblum? Jes kiddin! lol Love your work, man! Awesome likenesses!
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Awesome likeness! 
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the Hungarian Dracula, Lugosi Béla (I'm Hungarian too.)
Perfect work! ^^
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I LOVE bella! he's been a favorite every since i can remember!
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Bella XD. That is a girl's name XD. Bela, or originally: Béla.
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oops, i was in a hurry cause of running late and i wasn't watching for typos
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Its pronounced differently. Its not Bella. The e sounds different. For example Beawolf. The e in Bela sounds like the ea in Beawolf. :) Not Bella.
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I know, that what I said XD. It is originally Béla, and "é" is pronounced like the english "ey", but without the "y" (consonant) sound. I'm hungarian :).

Plus, it's a redneck-ish name XD.
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Really? Its redneck? Lol. XD You learn new things everyday.
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Yea XD. It's a name common in rural areas.
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Wow I never would have guessed! Do what does it mean exactly? I don't think it was his real name if I remember right. Wasn't he wounded in a war then changed it once he came to the United States? :o
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I doubt it, because it Béla is an original hungarian name, and so is Lugosi. I think if he would change it, he wold change it to english. The only thing he changed, is the order of them: we swap our first and last name when we go abroad, so people won't mix up the two, cuz in hungary, family name comes first.
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"The blood is the life, Mister Renfield!"
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