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13 Nights 2008 PENGUIN



It is NIGHT 3 of the 13 Nights of Halloween 2008
Tonight features one of Batman's oddest of Archenemies,THE PENGUIN!

Born Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, the Penguin is bullied as a child for his short stature, obesity, and beak-like nose. Several stories relate that he was forced as a child to always carry an umbrella by his over-protective mother, due to his father dying of pneumonia after being drenched in a downpour.

I loved this character in the TV series when I was a kid. He was always so awesome to watch. I struggled with the idea of doing the darker Burton version of the character. The kid in me won out and I went with the lighter version though I added just a hint of crazy

Hope you like it
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Nhhhh what are you looking at mhhhh!!!