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13 Nights 2008 MR FREEZE

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13 Nights of Halloween 2008 rolls on it's
NIGHT 6!! A Super COOL Villain tonight.....MR FREEZE!!!

Mr. Freeze, real name Dr. Victor Fries, Freeze is a scientist who must wear a cryogenic suit in order to survive, and bases his crimes around a "cold" or "ice" theme, complete with a "cold gun" that freezes its targets solid. In the most common variation of his origin story, he is a former cryogenics expert who suffered an industrial accident while attempting to treat his terminally ill wife, Nora.

One of my favorites tonight

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Reminds me of Batman the Animated Series Mr.Freeze.
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muy bueno
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Nice picture. Very well drawn.

It's always been my belief that the greatest aspect of any Batman story is the villains he faces. Now most supervillains are enjoyable to watch or listen to but what really sets thos of the Batman stories apart from the enemies faced by say Superman or Spiderman is the fact that they are so sympathetic.

Most of the time, they're not people bent on world domination or something cliche like that. Most of the time they're just ordinary people whose lives have been destroyed by the inherent dark elements of Gotham City. In many ways that makes them a mirror for Batman himself. Wronged in the past and often seeking retribution for it. But whilst Batman was able to avoid the dark pit that such a path leads to, they did not and you really feel the tragedy of that.

Every time I see them I think to myself:

"There but for the grace of God goes Batman himself".

And this one, Mr Freeze, has always been the absolute epitome of that concept. So much so that I have never once thought of him as a villain. See the story through his eyes and he's actually a hero like Batman, figthing for what he considers to be justice against those who wronged him and the wife he loved so much.

The absolute greatest Batman villain ever made. Such a shame that only the 90's animated series has ever done him any justice. Everyone else turned him into a joke.

Sorry for my rambling but I just had to get that off my chest.

Again, very good picture. Nice work.
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JezuruzHobbyist General Artist
awesome use of color
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GeotrixQueenStudent General Artist
Feeze was the first baddy I fell for in the comics ( and subsequent cartoons, DC, Marvel or otherwise.) The Batman and Robin version, while I like Schwarzenneger in anything BUT that film, was campy, not serious, punnish like a bad Riddler and his costume made me mentally barf.
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Writer4CommissionsProfessional Writer
Very awesome
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Hate the love the picture. I like how you drew him but I didn't like that costume of his. He is my favorite Batman villian.
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MonsterInkProfessional Artist
Freeze is one of my faves! Nice job! :batman::horns:
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HandieHobbyist General Artist
you are so talented!

I love the way the light is shining from inside his helmet, and the bit of fog that gathers around the inside at the bottom.

Even though he seems too cold (hearted) to be human and he's almost like a machine, you still get that human feeling because of the fact that it means he's breathing. Nice touch.

Loving this series!!
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GrimbroProfessional Digital Artist
Very observant. I found as this painting was developing that it was taking on a very Terminator look to it. Ironic or appropriate that Arnold portrayed him in the film. But yes I like the very machine quality to the character. I am glad it came across.

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HandieHobbyist General Artist
I kept thinking about Arnold too as I was looking at it, so I was glad to see that the face wasn't his - I find that once I see something done a certain way and I'm used to it, I have a hard time imagining it being different.

once again - thanks for the series!
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The blue and aqua colours really produce this cold, icey feeling, the feeling one should get when the lay eyes on Mr Freeze.

The way you've created the blue lighting and glowing effects I think is really cool. It creates some really awesome effects with the highlights and shadows on his suit and face. The light source coming up from the bottom of his face makes him look that much more menacing, a true villian.

Nice work :D. I really like this Halloween series of yours.
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GrimbroProfessional Digital Artist
Hey Clayton,

Thanks for the great comment and the kind words!
I am glad I hit all the right points with this one. So far this is my favorite of the series.
Who knows what the rest of the series holds all I got is some sketches. :)

I am glad you like the series as well. Its the 3rd year and it is very near and dear to my heart.
13 Nights means a lot to me and I get the feeling it means a lot to a small group DA members as well

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to write

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MR-PHiLLHobbyist Traditional Artist
BAD ASS!!! :horns: i like the icy cool effect in the helmet/ mask andcoming from the barrel of the freeze gun
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Mr. Freeze is easily my favorite Batman villain. Badass work.
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BalloonPrincessHobbyist Filmographer
Very cool work! :)
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nice work :)
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ZigiCreatorProfessional Traditional Artist
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