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13 Nights 2007 Miner 49er

Night 5 of the 13 Nights of Halloween!
Tonight making his way all the way from the Ghost town of Gold City is the Miner 49'er. He is determined to get the last bit of gold from the old mining town. Has he found the last vein of gold or something even more valuable?
Watch "Mine your own business" and find out for yourself!
Broadcast: October 4, 1969

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One of my favorite Scooby-Doo monsters, well done!

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He didn't seem too threatening on "Scooby-Doo," but he's epic here.  Good job!
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Sometimes I feel kinda like him when out and about.  A tough looking hombre!
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Nice art work.
The Miner '49er's moan is very creepy, but he himself wasn't scary. Until now! Thanks for the spooky art!
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This is really great.
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Episness..(bows head)
Is it a game from the 80's or a Rob Zombie concert?
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I'm loving this.
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Shit, I remember watching this dude in Scooby Doo as a kid! For some reason, he was my second favorite of the "ghosts," with Capt. Cutler (the walking diving suit) being first. I love nostalgia. :D
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That's really good! Wow!
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Sweet the 49er I always liked him, ya did a exceptional job on him he almost looks real amazing^^
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This is awesome. Love the mood. Go forty-niners!
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I was never so much as intimidated by this guy. In the show, he wasn't to scary
EricNocellaDiaz's avatar
Somebody's on a roll here...great atmosphere on this one.
Jaguaro's avatar of Scooby villain...ever.....


PS: Any chance you could make a Jaguaro, as in "Jeepers Its The Jaguaro?"
AcolyteVersion1's avatar
Simply amazing. The quality of art itself is superb, but what really catches me on this one is how much menace you managed to add to the scene. No use of gore or horrific imagery, but you still managed to add a sense of menace and ill-will to the scene. Very cool work.
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