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Plutonium Bloom Bio
Plutonium Bloom was "born" near a secret Russian nuclear reactor, a poorly shielded one at that.
Moss lichen and small scrub after being exposed to hard radiation eventually began to bond together into the creature you see before you.
Over time the creature began to think for itself and make more concerted efforts to enhance survival.
It wanted to live.
Driven by the hard radiation from the now abandoned reactor the creatures early attempts at moving beyond the edges of the dangerous radiation cloud were less than successful.
Some thought, an ability she found more useful with each passing day, led her to the conclusion that she would need to store the radiation in order to travel farther.
She manipulated small plants to collect the radiation which she then incorporated into her own body.
It wasn't long before her stores and collecting brought her to critical mass.
More time passes and she learns to control the radiation and use it to rapidly adapt new plants and abilities.
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So today I asked a friend to check out the "Ghost in the Shell" trailer. We are both big sci-fi fans, she's a trekkie and I'm a star wars guy, and previously she had opted not to look into the original animated movie because of the "risque" cover. Literally judged it by it's cover. So she looked at the trailer and replied back to me. "I stopped watching after about a minute, I found it to be creepy and not really sci-fi" she said. I was incredibly distraught because GITS is about as sci-fi as you can get. She's claimed to be into the deep thinking sci-fi. Again this is what GITS is all about! The exploration of what is human what is humanity. When you no longer have any cells or a body you are just consciousness, are you still human. The series explored this at all levels from sociological impacts to sexual. It's not blunt it's put out there for you to think about. 

Some of you may have gone to see the trailer and take a look at where she stopped. I was at work at the time so I didn't have the opportunity to look at this aspect I got hung up on the "creepy and not really sci-fi" I figured a minute in was the scene with geisha-bot going all robot spider and dragging the guy off. When I came back to it later and saw where she really stopped it was the scene where Motoko is intimate with a woman. To be clear they are not having sex, nor are they naked. By that point in the trailer we've seen Motoko "naked" several times and it's clear that gender is not a defined feature of her body. Other than she looks like a woman when she's wearing clothes.

So that leads to some questions. Is being so repulsed to see gay intimacy that you have to stop playing the video, bigotry? Keeping in mind this is not two people in the street being intimate, this is an artistic scene in a movie that is meant to be seen. Specifically an IP where sexual themes are explored. Not that my friend would know that as she's refused to look at any of the content thus far. 

Secondly, is this actually a homosexual scene? You can change lens a few times and look at it different ways and see it in different lights. Once you've been a shell and can move from one shell to the next in the same way you transfer your contacts from your old phone to a new phone what is your gender? Or is it just robots loving other robots. Or people loving robots. This is one of the big things that GITS gets into.

Finally, should I be upset with her? I feel upset. But we clearly have different mindsets. I've always been of the opinion that people should be and act the way they please so long as they don't hurt anyone or prevent someone from being what they want to be. (Of course in that light my boss it a terrible person cause she wont let me stay home and watch anime and play video games or write.) Sexuality whether it hetero- homo- or robo- is your deal and you can deal with it however. Do I also need to apply that thinking to others disdain of such relationships? Love whoever you want and Hate whoever you want. No I'm pretty sure that violates the second half of my mindset. Be whatever and don't hinder any.  



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Likes art but isn't very arty. Very oppressed by my current line of work. Sacrificing sleep and well being to post this lonely bio.


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